200 miles, 12 runners, 28hrs equals one amazing time!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

About 3 weeks ago I was given the opportunity to run the Southern Odyssey 200 miles relay in pace of Becki and with Wendy. I didn't think twice, but did have to ask the hubby, lol! I was in! YAY!

Training in Florida makes it hard to prepare for a quite hilly course in the foot hills of North Georgia so I started working on causeway runs. It payed off for the most part!

I tried to take off of work Friday but nobody would cover me. UGH! I refused to stay behind so I decided to take calls when I can.

I headed up to GA on Thursday. I stopped by Becki's house to visit for a few hours which was wonderful! It was so good to see her!! From there I headed up to Wendy's house. We grabbed a little dinner and headed back to her house for some catching up and made some cut out Becki's so that she could join us on our adventures! I didn't sleep much that evening due to nerves. I was so afraid I would let this team down as I am not as fast as the other runners. In fact, I am the slowest and then add in some hill and yikes! I wasn't really sure how I would do.
Wake up time was about 8ish. Wendy and I got moving around and headed to pick up the rental van and our team! I met everybody in our van for the first time, minus Wendy, and they were all great! We headed out to our first transition!

Jason was our first runner. When runner 6 in van one came in, Jason was off and we were tailing behind him. We went to next transition where Wendy was up next!

Wendy grabbed the relay bracelet and took off! We check on her here and there during her leg and then met up at transition where Heather was up.
After Heather was ME! I was so nervous!!

My first leg was 5.61 miles. The hills were harder than I thought and it got dark quickly. I was worried about getting lost on the course but once I got going and realized how well lit and marked the course signs were it was not an issue! I finished my first leg in 1:09.
Once we all finished out first legs we went to meet up with van 1. We were all pretty hungry so we stopped by taco bell. That was an adventure in it's self! The van wouldn't trip the sensor so we waited forever then pulled up to the window to make our order. I was pretty car sick at this time so I decided to lay down for a bit and try to sleep. Trying to sleep on the bench seat of a 15 passenger van and freezing your bum off didnt work well for me. lol! After a few hours I got up and went to finally eat my tacos. At the same time Jason was getting ready to run his second leg and sat by me to get his shoes on. DUDE! Your on my tacos! He said he was just trying to warm them up for me, nice! LOL!
He soon took off and the cycle began again!
My second leg was supposed to be 4 miles but ended up being 3.6 miles. This run was better than the first although I still felt a little sick to my stomach from all the up, down, side to side hills in this van doing 60mph. lol! It was about 2ish am and I headed down the dark back woods road. Within the fist mile I heard some kind of high pitched growl thing. I have no clue what it was. I had my head lamp on and kept trying to see it but it wasn't happy about that. I kept on but at this point I was starting to scare my self. I could see my self being the victim in one of the b rated movies where the half people creature things throw daggers at you, drag you into the woods and eat you. I know, I! I get back to the van and proceed to tell the group that I have no idea what a platypus sounds like but I think It was a platypus growling at me. As I am sure you can guess, that comment made for some interesting jokes for the rest of the relay.

After a while we realized that most of the transitions were at old cemeteries. It was pretty cool! The moon was full and beautiful too! One transition was at a Wal Mart where we hung out waiting for Matt to come in.

Finally we were on our 3rd legs. The end was almost in sight!! We were all kind of tired but having a great time! We were making jokes and having a blast!!

These are Wendy finishing up her 3rd leg.

My last leg was supposed to be 5.1 miles and ended up being 4.2. This was the best of all 3 of my legs. I finished it with an 11:11 pace and a smile on my face! I was done!! The team still had a few runners to go but we were almost there!!
Matt finished up our race, we ran him in

The race was amazing!! I am so blessed to have had this experience. I am so blessed to have the amazing friends that I have.
Our team finished the relay in 28:57 and finished 12th! I was stoked! Our team did fantastic!!
Wendy and I went out that night to celebrate!!

If you are wondering about the "Becki" cut outs and pictures...Stay tuned! The adventures of Becki will require her own blog!
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