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I did the D@&N Thing!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yesterday I went to my regularly scheduled exercise class feeling mighty good about myself. See the day before, I had completed 2 circuits of exercises that I couldn't do before, especially DIPS. I've always wanted to do dips but had always punked out on them. On Monday I completed 2 sets of 30 in the circuit my trainerSista put me thru. So naturally when I went to class on Tuesday I thought I was the **ish! Little did I know that she would make me regret bragging about the dips.

She channeled Bob AND Jillian yesterday and gave me a "last chance workout" like I was getting on the scale in front of America. I thought I was in EXERCISE HELL. But surprisingly (more to myself than her) I kept up with the routine from HELL yesterday. And she yelled at me! LOL! I finally surrendered after the 3rd set of push-up/planks - but not from "I can't do it". I was dripping sweat and I was tired, but I felt energized also.

And then when I went home to "whine" to my husband - his response was "isn't that what you pay her for?" Some support huh? LOL! He's suppose to sympathize with me and let me "whine". He also called me his "Disappearing Wife". That felt good.

While watching the Biggest Loser last night, I realized that I am getting stronger and I can do it. I also appreciate my SistaTrainer for pushing me past the limitations that I've set up in my mind. I also appreciate the confidence that these accomplishments have given me. I appreciate the support and pushing of my husband and family. I thank God everyday for my blessings and remain in an attitude of gratitude for everything.

I know I still have some hurdles to cross, but I am getting stronger and more confident in what I can do and I'm not seeing what I can't do as obstacles and viewing them as challenges that I can do, cause yesterday I did the D@&N thing! Yep I did it!

So when you think you can't do it - tell yourself you can cause I did the d@&n thing! Keep sparking!

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