I'm Back!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Today I slept in and it felt soooo good!
Today I will continue to make healthy choices!
Today will be a super fantastic day!

OMg, I have so missed this! But, the returns needed to get done and my time for me was pretty short! I did manage to exercise at least 3 days each week (made it to 5 most of the time!) and I managed to not gain (yes, there was some yo-yoing) at least until I step on the scale on Friday. I think that helped to keep me honest. Once a week check-up on my eating and such, because let me tell you, I was revved up to be good when that scale did not move. Although, my clothes are still fitting better. And I did lose some more off my waist, butt, thighs and arms at the end of September. I will have to figure out totals later.

This was a super crazy deadline! We had clients who choose to not get us their info until October 15, yep, that is right. We still managed to get their returns out, but there is going to be a letter included with their bill saying no more. My boss said I was too nice. As I felt bad for some of the people who got us stuff late, he asked me, why do I care so much when they obviously have no thoughts as to the stress we are under at this time of year. And I was like, hmmmm, good point. It still felt good to not have any delinquent clients :)

Let's see, eating went pretty well, there were some weeks/days where I felt like I could not stop eating, but I tried really hard to listen to myself, make better choices and to at least think about what I was doing. I still limited myself to 1 serving of sweets a day, which if you knew me before, is HUGE. We went out to eat more, but again, I tried to listen to myself and to make sure that IF I had chosen not so healthy (only one time), that I stopped when I was full. Oh and then I had healthy dinners about 90% of the time! Which helped if I had splurged and I stopped (even when it was healthy stuff) when I was full at night! Of course, not eating until almost 9pm made it easy, as who likes going to bed stuffed or even slightly full?

In addition to going out, our worker who comes in during busy seasons was here. She likes sweets. And we have this cupcake place called gigi's. It is kinda evil. But tasty. We made 3 trips there in the last 2 weeks. I did only eat half of a cupcake each time. Of course, I ate the other half the next day! Again, super proud of me as a year ago, I would have had the whole cupcake, plus candy, plus unhealthy lunch, and possibly a take-out dinner.

I found out I like to bake when I am stressed. I think something about the mixing of ingredients and seeing how it comes together is relaxing to me. So we had banana nut bread! I gave most of it away (to people who wanted it). I made it with high fiber flour (thank you King Arthur) and soy flour, so it was not as bad as it had to be. The next batch, I am going to experiement with apple sauce.

I have also been having fun making jam! Mom and I made peach jam a few weeks ago, yummmm! Bountifulbaskets had cases of peaches in the offerings, so we took them up on it! Peach smoothies, peach cobbler (neighbor made), peach sorbet, peaches to eat, peach jam, we did it all! We got a case of granny smith apples this last week. We are going to make apple jelly and apple butter and my all time fave, homemade apple pie with homemade crust! I know, not the healthiest, but I can limit the sugar in the filling and limit my serving size! Not sure what else we will do with all the apples, but I will figure it out! Pork with apples is always tasty too!

I will start catching up with everyone this next week! Lord, I feel like I missed so much!

Oh oh oh, one more fun thing. Rangers made it to the World Series again, so I,in the grand tradition, am going again! 2 World Series in a row!! Plus, the state fair is still going, so I will be making the rounds there! Luckily my sis and friends have already scoped out what is tasty and what is not. But those are the best corn dogs ever. I don't even want to know the calorie damage on them, I will just enjoy!

I am taking this week off exercise wise, the adreneline has left this body, as I have slept 10 hours the past two nights and still feel like I need more sleep. Last Friday it really hit, I fell asleep at 8pm. I say I am taking it off, I have given myself permission to, BUT if I wake up on my own early enough, I will get in a mile or whatever time allows. Eating wise, well, I am going to try and do better than the old me. Listen to myself, not make myself sick (why did I ever do that? why?), and enjoy the experience! However, that does not mean that I get to eat poorly between now and the trip this weekend. Tonight is dinner at neighbors (thank the lord for her, she kept mom and I fed throughout tax season), fish tomorrow, ham sandwiches for lunch (neighbor baked ham on Friday night with raisin sauch, :) a fave) and then grilled chicken for lunches again for the next few days. And probably more fish for dinner. Well, or some enchilladas, we have tomatillas and a recipe to try out!

Keep on smiling! And thinking positive, it reduces stress! Or so 'they' say!
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    WELCOME BACK!!! You are absolutely superhuman for maintaining your healthy choices throughout tax season!! Your energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to your profession are inspiring...I'm so glad that you're going to have more time for yourself now that it's over. Keep rocking the healthy lifestyle and I hope you have FUN and get LOTS of SLEEP!!
    2922 days ago
    Good for you for doing your best!!! SO super PROUD of you!
    2922 days ago
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