Cancer Sucks 5K - A little friendly competition

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mostly for fun, I signed up for a 5K Cancer Resource Center fundraiser. A friend is one of the organizers, and my teen daughter (fantastic gal that she is) volunteers for this event every year. This year I could actually PARTICIPATE instead of just taxi-ing her to the course. At the last minute, my BF jumped in too, and we all headed out together.

This was a pretty social event, with lots of costumes and signs and more fun than probably most people get to have when thinking about cancer. (CANCER SUCKS!) So we started it off with a little shuffle. I was a bit concerned about the BF because he thought his lack of running lately would be a detriment. We actually thought we'd be stopping to walk. Not so! Though this is his first 5K ever, he's generally pretty fit, and after the first 1/3rd mile we decided to actually give it a real shot and picked up the pace.

At mile 2, he was changing his stride to go easier on his knees, but it was a faster stride and I told him to go ahead. Off he went, and finished 22 seconds ahead of me, lol! So happy for him! And his burst ahead ended up being useful... ;)

I passed friends, we chatted, and at mile 2 I passed my daughter, who was working security at a park crossing. Her smile, and seeing her "at work", was pretty cool! BF was still in sight, and as I picked up my own pace, I kept thinking, "Come on, Karen, cancer is a LOT harder than this!"

In the last half mile, I caught up with a friend who was on the same fundraising team, and we remarked on how my BF had surprised us. He was in sight, and not really catchable, but I gave it a shot anyway! My friend said, "You go ahead - I'm not closing that gap." So I did.

Side note: That was HARD. But I was jazzed about it, so it was FUN too!

About 1 minute from the finish, I had closed much of the gap that was now my own competition, and as I came toward the finish line, my friend was right behind me, doing the same! LOL! She yelled, "Let's do this thing!" and burst forward. We finished in the same second. :)

No bling at this race, and the tshirts were for sale, not for free, because the popular vote is to have the organization spend the money where it's REALLY needed. (They had a big turnout, radio station support, and raised over $100K!) But I've gotta say that the feeling of crossing the timing mat is AWESOME!!!! I've only done it twice this month, but I'm addicted to THAT!

This run that started as a social jog became a PR, at 33:07. Not blistering, but 4 minutes better than my last one in July. Feeling pretty sweet!

Here's my friend, me, and BF celebrating at the pancake breakfast that followed.

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