We Fall Down, We Get Back Up Again

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Posted the following in response to a newbie's blog this morning. I was convicted on Friday when i was responding to her initial blog that I had gotten away from many of the principles that I know were making me successful in my own journey. So today, I share this and repeat, I AM DETERMINED AND WANT TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!! Just want to say how thankful I am for myriad friends, virtual and known, who are supporting me and ligfting me up in prayer on a daily basis. You all are wonderful. Gotta make smart choices today because in addition to having a typically over booked Sunday I will be working with my friend all day tomorrow...painting again...Thank You Jesus for some much needed work and a financial blessing besides!

Meant to check back on you yesterday but had the opportunity to work with a friend yesterday and had very little computer time. Glad to hear that you will be having some 'get away' time this week. It will likely do you a world of good!

It is great that you do not have major health issues at this time. Looking back, I know I should have made adjustments in my life before my health was compromised. Nevertheless, I will not "should on myself" today. Today I will make better choices.

I can relate to the planned meals not being very workable or cost effective. I spent my first week or two on SP just logging what I actually ate. The act of logging adjusted what I ate some...I mean let's face it, who wants to admit they ate 18 oreos in one sitting. It did a lot of good for me to see what the breakdown was of an 'average' meal for me. I quickly realized that I was WAY TOO sedentary and actually not eating enough to lose weight. Most of my calories came from beverages.

So I started making changes. For me the easiest thing to do in the quick start was increase water consumption. I have actually used the SP principles for losing weight and keeping it off and have been rather successful. It doesn't mean I am perfect...the last two weeks have been carb heaven. I haven't been tracking what I have eaten and once again I am out of balance. Today, I will begin tracking faithfully so that I can enjoy continued success.

I am glad that you were encouraged by so many SparkPeople!

As they say in many circles, Keep coming back, it works if ya work it.

I'm gonna copy this message to my own blog, as I have to run out the door again! Busy day today... cafe @ church, church service, pheresis, zumba, yoga, OH MY!!!

Have a Spark Filled Day!!!
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