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"if only" and "what if" ( funny)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

You all know what I am talking about. Those thoughts that ramble through our heads and the ones that are emitted out of others mouths. So let's have some fun:D

This is not a morose or serious blog.. emoticon

I REFUSE TO BE SERIOUS!!! There is no fun in that!!!

So here goes:
Let's start with the "IF ONLY"'s

"If only you would loose some weight you would be so pretty." --News flash, I AM pretty __ pretty old, pretty young, pretty good, pretty great, pretty neat, pretty awesome.... or didn't you notice__♫♫I'm so pretty , ♫♫I'm so pretty and witty and wise....♫♫

If only I would have listened to my mother __ yah right, now who in this universe EVER listens to their mother when they are having too much fun.!! In a perfect world that may happen, but this is reality.

HAVE FUN and Then listen to your MOM...She does know a thing or two, or three, or....I know I did and now I do... or do I??

If only I weighed what I did in high school....Well I don't so there!! That is that, and this is now!!

Now for the "I WISHES"

I WISH I were thin.
Well I am not, but I am working on it...too bad wishing doesn't work..Maybe if I rubbed the magic lamp I keep in the closet it will work.. Let's try that

OH MY GOSH GOLLY!! Why didn't it work?? Oops, I rubbed the tea pot.. forgot I hocked the magic lamp!!

I WISH I had a lot of money so I could...........Well (here we are again)I AM NOT..So perhaps I should pull out the money genie...♫♫ladadada
da♫ ,ladadadedadeda♫♫. poof!! Magic Money Genie appear...After all I am rubbing your...hmmmm, lamp GEE WHIZ, willigers It DIDN"T work...I wonder why not.. that's right I hocked the magic lamp!!
OH well... Just as well. I still wouldn't be happy...or would I?? That is the million dollar question. Maybe I just need to know where to shop. Aruba maybe?

I WISH I had an hour-glass shape emoticon....Whoa, hold the phones, I have that... Just because it is the size of a grain silo....Hey I still have that... and I look like a pin-up
Yah Right!!

Well, after all is said and done I guess I will have to live with what I have....


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