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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Two weeks ago I joined the Stress Management challenge team. In just those two weeks I can see a difference in how I am handling stress. I have always been one to weigh everyday and what that scale says first thing in the morning has many, many times stressed me out for the day and then I find myself working around that and trying to stay positive despite what the dang thing says. I'm learning to stay away from the thing and it's helping. It is still important to me but there are many more ways to gauge success and I' m working very hard to make those things more important then what the scale has to say. Maybe by the time the four weeks are up I will have trained myself to see success and stress in even more constructive ways. Do any of you weigh that often and how does it effect you?
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    I have weighed my self so often over the past couple years that now I recognize how much "Water"I gain or lose on a daily basis. that is a good thing I know that on am empty stomach after I pee first thing when I wake up having not eaten anything for at least 6 to 8 hours is my "base "weight for the day I do this every day and mark it on the calendar so I can see the pattern that I have. it works for me and i do not stress
    about it because i know what is normal for me and I am comfortable with it.

    2440 days ago
    Stress is a funny thing. What stresses out one person may not stress out someone else. Some people need to weigh weekly or monthly, and avoid the scale in between scheduled weighings to avoid the frustration of seeing blips up.

    I need to weigh daily, because otherwise I will forget to weigh on the scheduled day. I have no problem with systems that want me to report weekly; I have those weights!

    Over the past 10 years, when I've been recording the daily weights, I've had many reactions to the scale. Oh, I had a bad day. Oh, I had a good day. How did that gain happen? How did that loss happen? That's odd, three days in a row with the same weight. I've followed this through multiple cycles of actively trying to lose weight, trying to maintain, gaining but not caring enough to do anything about it, trying to lose again, and now trying to maintain at a healthy BMI. After a while, the emotions of the daily weight get leached out and I look more at the trend line.

    That, and the fitness indicators. Like how long can I run, how much weight can I deadlift, and so on.

    But every person is different. If what you personally need is to not look at the scale for a week at a time, then don't look at the scale. You have to figure out what system will work for you, even if your system wouldn't work for anyone else in the world.
    2441 days ago
    I do weigh daily, but I have learned to use other tools. Also, I'm in maintenance mode, which is a little different... the scale tells me when to "be careful today", as opposed to telling me "you blew it yesterday". I tried weighing less frequently, but it just didn't work for me... every day it is!

    Bottom line: You have to experiment and find what works for you. For many people, daily weighing is a detriment. For me, it's an essential.

    Good luck! emoticon
    2441 days ago

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    Awesome new background pic, Carolyn. So glad that you are finding the team helpful. Whatever works...use it!
    2441 days ago
    That's great that you've seen benefit and it's working for you.
    emoticon emoticon
    2442 days ago
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