Losing baby weight post #2

Saturday, October 15, 2011

So I was suppose to get measured last weekend, but I went to ABQ to visit the family and Sammy got to meet everyone ( aunts and uncles) so I got weighted this weekend. So its been 5 weeks since I got measured here are the results compaired to last month:
( I weighed myself a couple of days ago @ 182 dont know why the extra gain maybe the milk cookies I ate last night?

body weight 185 (-6 pounds )
body fat % 32 ( - .6%)
BMI 27.3 ( -.9) still overweight but getting better emoticon

shoulders 42 ( -2 inches)
chest 39 ( -1 inch)
waist 36.5 ( -1.5 in)
hips 40 ( -1 in)
thigh 22 same need to do more strenght training!
calf 15.5 same
arm 12 (-.5)

total of inches lost 6!
I did cut out dairy to see if it helped with my allergies and Sammy's gas. I tried going vegan, but sometimes I will eat eggs emoticon I guess you could call me " flirting" with being vegan. I think I am eating too may carbs ( I have found that in order for me to lose weight I need to eat more protein and fats and less carbs). So I think I might bring back some dairy for the protein, but I am not sure yet. I am going to try and do a yoga dvd I have twice a week as we will see how that goes.....
I am currently still trying to figure out my workout schedule. I am training for a half marathon which is on Dec 4. I am back to swimming with my masters group which meets at 6 am on Tues and Thurs and 7 am on Sat, but waking up that early for the gym to go running has been hard. I have been running with the jogging stroller instead around 9am and then doing a Jillian Micheals dvd for strenght training after on Mond, Wed, Fri. Sunday is my day for long runs. I want to run more at the gym though since with a jogging stroller is it stop and go the whole time. So here is my plan:
Mon, Wed, Fri- run weights at gym ( 6am - 8 am)
Tues and Tues- swim (6am-7am) yoga dvd at home
Sat- swim (7am- 9 am)
Sun- long run

I might do some spinning on Wed nights if I have time. I was thinking I could also do a Jillian Michaels dvd on Mon, Wed, Fri if I only wake up for enough time to run at the gym and not do weights. I have to be back home by 8 ish since my hubby goes to work around 8:30 am.

Do you guys find it easier to workout in the am, afternoon, or pm? I find that if I don't workout in the am I am just too tired to in the afternoon and pm.
I am hoping that next weigh in I will be in the 170's!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am non-dairy and non-soy at the moment for Alexa because she has bad gas and it seems to be improving. I'm 16 days without any dairy or soy. Boring but if it works, I'm happy about it.

    You're taking Sammy in a jogging stroller already? I've been told you're supposed to wait until 6 months. I figure you can do it sooner but DH has already heard the 6 month "rule" so he won't let me take Alexa out yet for runs. Boo!

    Oh, and I workout in the morning. However, I think with the baby, I might just stick to running in the AM and doing strength in the evening after she goes to bed so that I can get a break from waking up so early everyday.
    3489 days ago
    I work out at lunch because I don't have time in the morning (unless I'm out of town for work - the sometimes I do in the morning). I also don't have time in the evenings until after 8 and by then I've got a full belly from dinner and am exhausted. I'm so lucky to have access to a gym at work!!! Otherwise I'd be getting up well before dawn to fit it in :(

    I'm so impressed with you that you're training for a half!!!!
    3489 days ago
    Great progress! :) I prefer working out mid-morning. For some reason I like after dinner too, but don't always get to that one.
    3490 days ago
    Hi there--
    I had an idea for veggie protein--- I always have hummus in the fridge, and avocado... I can't give up eggs. No way. We have our own chickens, and they are well fed & happy... and, I crave eggs... I can't do dairy, either, because I am severely LI and makes the baby scream for hours. No fun.
    I do miss being able to just grab a cheese stick or eat a yogurt, like I did when I was pregnant. emoticon
    Anyway, congrats on the 6 lb weight loss.
    3492 days ago
  • LEASIM1231
    Congrats on the 6 lb loss!
    3493 days ago
    sounds like you are doing great!!
    3494 days ago
  • SINGER73
    During the week, I actually like working out in the evening. Hubby watches the kids. During the weekends, I like to workout in the morning because that's when I have the greatest possibility of not working out if I don't.

    I found that I was eating too much carbs and I just focused on adding in protein rather than eliminating carbs and guess what. My carb intake went down and my protein and fat intake went up.

    It's been 2 weeks since doing this and I'm happy with the results. I weigh-in tomorrow and hoping to post yet another loss. I need to focus on toning more but that will get there.
    3494 days ago
  • STRINGI719
    I agree - if I miss my morning workout, I usually won't make myself squeeze something in later in the day.
    3495 days ago
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