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Saturday, October 15, 2011

We did this "Fractured Fairy Tale" on our team thread just for fun yesterday and thought I'd share it with everyone.....pretty creative minds!

Fractured Fairytale Fun. Let's build the story...
Start each new sentence with the next letter in the alphabet...

A long time ago, in a land far away, lived a beautiful princess.

Below the bridge, next to the castle where she lived, lived a grumpy troll.

Curses were the special "gift" given to the troll to bestow upon anyone passing over the bridge.

Destiny seemed to be that the princess was forever trapped in the castle, no one has been able to pass by the troll!

Except perhaps the handsome Prince who lived in the next castle over.

Finally one fearsome Friday with the clouds flying by and the flag blowing wildly from on top of the castle the Prince got across the moat.

Gently he tied up his horse and started his quest to find exactly where in the castle the princess was located.

However, this proved to be a bit more of a challenge than he bargained for as the castle was VERY large, the corridors long, and the power had all gone off due to those high winds bringing down the power lines.(Modern day fairy tale:))

In his pocket he carried a magic lighted stick (something we might call a flashlight) and was searching every nook and cranny.

Just as he was looking under a very large mushroom, he heard a noise from the darkness.

Keeping his head down low, he listened as the noise seemed to be coming closer and getting louder, but he could not quite make out what it was. He quietly waited until...

Lights of different colors started coming toward him and he heard a growl that sounded like it came from the ground beneath him. He looked down and...

Many different noises made it difficult for him to determine what it was and Alas!, it was three mountain Lions and just as he lifted his head again......

Night gave way to daylight and he found himself face to face with the nastiest looking old ogre he had ever seen in his life. He dropped the lighted stick (flashlight) to reach for his sword....

Over his head he swung his sword and hit the ogre directly between the eyes. The ogre screamed out in pain and pulled at the sword. Looking beyond the ogre he saw...

Pretty Princess Philomena, singing at the top of her lungs, happy the prince had come to rescue her!


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