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My Work Day!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Good Evening my wonderful Sparkfriends.

I just got home from work an hour ago and today went very well. Much better than I thought. I am starting to get to know the store and the people very well. I am also doing better at putting stock away.

Today was a lot of fun because I had a choice of either putting beads and fixing away or doing yarn. I choose yarn. I was able to put away a great deal of new stock and I was able to help five people in the yarn and needlework area because of my knowledge.

I felt so good to be able to help these people instead of getting help for them. I am useful and I am a great asset to the customers and to the store. Even one customer thought I was a manager or someone in charge because of my attitude and personality.

emoticon I feel good, oh so good.

We even had free pizza, juice or pop today and a thank you. I had two small squares and a juice. I stayed well within my calories today and I even managed to walk over 10 miles today which = 22,933 step today.

I am more comfortable at work now and I am starting to think on my own, coming up with some answers for our customers. Who were all in a good mood today.

I took my Scoobylicous( new name for Scooby-Doo) to work and the staff loved him and when Amy saw him she was over joyed at my work.

She paid me in cash right away and gave me a hug.

So all in all my day was great, now I am home soaking my aching feet first before I attempt to soak in a bath.

I found my foot bath that has a built in massager. What a heaven that is to have.

So now I know that all the pain and suffering that I had these last 17 month is worth it. All of you have told me to have faith in myself and things will come around and I would find something that suits my talent and my work ethics.

I am gaining more confidence each and every day and shift that I have at work. I am gaining more strength and stamina. I am sleeping better and I am now starting to dream funny and good dreams instead of nightmares or having insomnia.

One of the customers at work wants me to teach her how to knit and another one wants me to help her learn to crochet better. I told them that I would be happy too.

I can also, if I want, teach one or two knitting or crochet classes and earn extra money too. I told them to sign me up with one of the other teacher so that I get to know there way of doing things and then work my stuff around it.

Next week I have 37.5 hours and it looks like I will be getting that each and every week until Jan. 15th when they decide to keep on.

I hope they will, I know they will. I will make sure they will.

Well that is all the happy news that I have to share.

The water has now gotten cold in my foot bath so I am now going to have a soak in a bubble bath and read for a while.

Have a wonderful night.
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