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But I Want to Eat Cake

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I always think I know what I want to say and I always think I know what my title will be, but then I start typing and something different comes out. I originally planned to tell you that you can’t have your cake and eat it too. While I normally will stand by that statement, today, it seems a little depressing to me. I know the person who coined the phrase meant that you don’t always get what you want and he. I am assuming it is a he because it would be a man that would put a cake in front of me and expect me not to eat it. Men are so cruel sometimes (ok I am kidding).

I was going to go off on a tangent about how we (me and the greater population) are overweight and we got here by eating the entire cake. However, that’s not what I want my message to be. I don’t want people to think I am perfect or that I try to be perfect. I don’t want people to think that I never feel the need to have cake, cookies, wine or whatever the treat of the day is. I do still desire those things. Do I always eat them? No Not really.
What I do is something different. I have probably said this before but my new approach to being healthy is not the all or nothing approach but it is more of the questioning approach. This is how it works.

Chelle’s inner evil_ mmmm I smell doughnuts. I think we should go get one.
Chelle: Ummm inner eveil me is that what I really want.
Chelle: Ok, but do you want it more than you want to be healthy?
Chelle: Ok do you want it more than having a good weigh in?
CIEM: Y..umm.. es
Chelle: Is that doughnut going to get you where you want to be?
CIEM: damn it… no

I win this round. However my inner evil me sometimes decides it wants something else. Let me just say it will never win the doughnut battle because healthy Chelle knows if she eats one she will have a dozen. However, sometimes CIEM will win when it comes to ice cream. She doesn’t really win but I let her think she has because I will tame her yeses with fat free/sugar free frozen yogurt or some other sugar free low cal frozen goodie.
Here are some tips:

1. How badly do you want it? If you want it more than you want the good weigh in then have it. But if your answer to that is yes, why are you here. Are you really ready for this journey? If you aren’t ready it is ok, but stop beating yourself up because it’s not doing you any good.

2. You can have it but have less of it. My daughter’s first birthday I took a few bites of cake (3) and that was good enough. If you can do that then by all means do it but track it.

3. Substitute the ice cream or whatever for something better.

4. This is my alcohol strategy. I love wine and alcohol but if I have an entire drink I don’t lose weight. It messes up my metabolism and blood sugar and to me I would rather look good then drink. So if I really want wine or a margarita I have my husband order it and have one or two sips of it. That’s a good strategy for dessert. Sharing is caring. (I make myself laugh)
You can have your cake and eat it too just not the entire cake and maybe not even a whole slice.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wonferful blog. You sure summed it up for me. I need to decide what it is I want from this journey. I want to be thin. Selfish? Maybe. but that is what I want. Your doing great chelle. thank you.
    2385 days ago
    Cake is my cocaine. That being said, I can't have a bite. I want the whole piece and a HONKING piece at that! When I go to a wedding reception I always ask for the corner piece with all the icing - if there are icing flowers I want those too! So I can't be anywhere near cake - it's a trigger/red light food for me! NADA! Can't go there. I will have a large piece of cake on my birthday...but that will be it. emoticon
    2386 days ago
    Wonderful - and I quite agree - only a man would put cake in front of you and expect you not to eat it! LOL!

    i have those mental battles too - all the time. It shows we are strong, determined and sensible enough to reason.

    Wonderful blog - thank you.
    2387 days ago
    Only can do what's good for you
    2387 days ago
    Recognizing what impacts your weight, (like you and one drink of alcohol) is important! Same goes for knowing if you can have treats in moderation. It took me many cycles of depriving and binging to finally find what worked for me interms of sweet and salty treats... fially learning how to have a treat without over doing it has been paramount to my journey! and YES! track every bite! Thats usually how I tame from myself from over doing it.. knowing I'm going to log it!

    I really love your blogs!
    2387 days ago
  • HANNAH03253
    Thank you - this was really good to read!
    2387 days ago
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