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CPAP due to fat and deadly risk

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I had a sleep study, I quit breathing 81 times an hour and my oxygen level went down to 73%! That's serious health risk stuff. I now have a CPAP. It's been a struggle to adjust. Parts of my functioning are better (brain and energy), but something has shifted in my personal comfort. The fat is killing me. If I hadn't had the sleep study, my memory would have continued to deteriorate, my inflammation would have continued to soar and my chance of a heart attack was phenomenal. The CPAP makes me breathe. The fat has crowded throat/neck/tongue anatomy, first there was the snoring that got sorta loud, I had foggy brain when I woke up - had to get coffee flowing to think straight, then there was that persistant inflammation (like arthritis, asthma and slow injury recovery). Putting this strange mask contraption on is odd, but I'm motivated by the deadly risk I'm dealing with. Losing weight may totally solve the problem, it usually does. Another way fat is messing up my life! Messing with my life! Could even take my life. I don't think those potatoe chips and ice cream were worth it. emoticon emoticon
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    wow sounds scary.hope you can adjust to sleeping with the mask i am still trying to adjust to wearing my eyepatch at night lol.glad i donĀ“t have to attempt to sleep with are right the cake and icecream are not worth it compared to loosing weight even if they taste nice.goodluck.
    2622 days ago
    I have had CPAP for about 4 months now and I told my 'dr It is a LOVE -HATE relationship!!! My husband is getting better sleep for sure now that I wear it but ohhhhh I hate it . It does take a while to get use to . I personally don't notice much improvement but perhaps that is because I work 6 nights a week 13 hours shifts . Many people have very good results and I pray that you do too. (I wasn;t diagnosed until after I lost 70 pounds!)
    2623 days ago
    81 times - OMGoodness, so glad you had the study done. I actually have several friends who use a CPAP. All for different reasons (one even has a concave lung). Regardless of *why* they all use it, they all agree it has changed their life for the better. Mostly with better sleep and more energy during the day (as you said above). I do understand your concern. I have my own things creeping up if I don't take care of them.
    I do know that the last few times I had a medical procedure I had to come home on oxygen. The doctor made it pretty clear it was b/c of my weight (though he was very nice about it and tried not to offend), but hey, it was the truth. So frustrating.
    Well, we're working to change all of that, right?

    2623 days ago
    I am glad you had the study done. I too wear a CPAP and I look forward to the day I can stop using it.
    2623 days ago
    You have received good advice from everyone. That's why I love this site ( comments from everyone is so encouraging. I was diagnosed 15 years ago and I have been using the cpap machine every since. I have gotten better. I don't fall asleep while I am driving or while I am sitting having a conversation with someone anymore. Hang in there. emoticon
    2623 days ago
    My husband wears a CPAP. It has helped him a lot. emoticon , too!! I will keep you in my prayers!
    2623 days ago
  • OPAL50
    So gald you were diagnosed! My sister and a BIL has worn a CPAP mask at night for years. It makes a world of difference. emoticon
    2623 days ago
    WAY TO GO for getting and using your CPAP machine.
    2623 days ago
    I know a lot of people who use the CPAP and it has been a life changer for them. The lack of sleep can contribute to the lack of energy which causes one to be more sedentary which leads to weight gain, and so it goes in a vicious circle. Hope that getting a better night's sleep will help promote your healthy lifestyle. Happy emoticon to you!
    2623 days ago
    Please, always use your CPAP. My husband has one and the dr told us why not wearing it is hard on the heart. Everytime your breathing stops your brain releases an stress hormone which goes to your heart, so you heart is constantly being bombarded by stress hormones all night - obviously not good for the heart, you are wearing it out! We were amazed what the sleep apnea test showed for my DH, if you counted the hours that supposedly he was getting good rest, at the end of the night he may have gotten 10 min of healthy sleep! No wonder he was always falling asleep during the day!

    Good luck and keep wearing that CPAP! It will literally save your life and the more rested sleep you get the easier it is to lose weight!
    2623 days ago
  • KA_JUN
    It's a good thing you were diagnosed. After the CPAP, for me, it was like night and day. Shedding some of the weight can only help, obstructive sleep apnea is no joke.
    2623 days ago
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