What have I been up to ?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What have I been up to ?

Work (LOVE IT)
Lifting weights 3x a week (LOVE IT)
Running 2x a week (LOVE IT)
Went to the country last weekend with a group of girls (LOVE IT)
Next weekend I am going to a spa with a group of girls over one night (THAT WILL BE FUN!)
Getting smaller (LOVE IT)
Taking care of my diet (AWESOME!)
After two weeks I am going to Seattle and Victoria BC. with my husband (THAT WILL BE FANTASTIC)


But doing all this means that I am a bit tired and I go to bed REALLY early :)

I have bought all the Christmas gifts but I am starting to look forward to Christmas time and I can't wait until the radio starts playing Christmas songs :) :) :)

I will post some numbers on Saturday but I am going to weigh myself and measure the body :)

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