Week 3. So far, no good.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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    Keep working hard and you will get there!!!

    Make sure you track, track, track. :)

    Girl, I have been stuck several times, but the difference I made this time is that I KEPT GOING. Don't get discouraged. I know you can do it!

    2441 days ago
  • DRKEYEZ820
    I was here 2 weeks ago, VERY VERY VERY discouraging, im like WTH is going on!? Your body is MADE UP of water, we take in SODIUM which is salt which turns into water into our bodies. And after water weight u can lose fat, and then might not see any change again, if your exercising then your building muscle and muscle weighs more then fat. Ive been on this journey since January and ive only lost 17 lbs, yup thats it....17 measly lbs. But im moving forward and i refuse to give up! DONT YOU DARE ever give up! I can tell you have so much heart and soul and determination! It might be another week or so but u might see a 4 lbs losee vs a 2 lb loss u never know.
    But i wanted to tell you i know exactly what your feeling, it brought me down considerably and i was depressed because of it, then the week after i lost 3 flippin lbs! Also not to down grade the dr. but everyones body is different, he cant possibly KNOW whats EXACTLY happening inside YOUR body. And weight is weight whether its water or fat. Our bodies will also flucuate.
    I got faith in u! Dont give up!
    2445 days ago
    Hang on... our bodies are obnoxious...weeks we work like mad and we don't get rewarded then the next week we go in a funk THEN we get rewarded. WHAT GIVES?! Keep up your work, our bodies are not exact machines. Keep it up.
    YES, I have felt this way...I pout. I want to give up. Then I remember what I wanted (not feel like a bag of POOP) was worth fighting for. So, I lived and breathed 'HOPE'. One week at a time. One teeny pound at a time.
    You can do this!!!
    2445 days ago
    YOUR HARD work will pay off .The numbers on the scale are not what you need to be going by. How does your shirt fit ? Have you had to tighten your shoes strings ? Is you ring or necklaces looser ? How is your energy ? You have worked hard be proud of yourself you getting at least 8 hours of sleep ? Are you eating with in your calories frome Sparks? Are you drinking 8 glasses or more of water ? Muscle weigh more then fat, and can't be see until you loose the fat.
    2446 days ago
  • SHINJ7
    DONT GIVE UP!!! If it makes you feel better this is my week 3....I was soooo discouraged yesterday during my weigh-in.....I actually gained + 2.3lbs ish!!!
    At least you didn't gain anything!!! You got this!!
    Maybe your body fat % decreased!!! don't focus on the numbers like I DID!!!
    I worked so hard last week! I went to the gym morning and night and I had my morning training sessions (hour each) every Monday and Wednesday...
    However, I have GAINED weight....I almost threw my scale...^__^;;;
    But don't get discouraged!! IT'S JUST A NUMBER!!!
    I didn't CARE what the scale was telling me. I felt GOOD!!!
    I would suggest you to get your body fat % checked!! and rely on that more than the SCALE!!!!!
    Apparently, I haven't been eating enough...so I gained weight--this is according to my trainer!
    So make sure you eat ENOUGH!!! Starting from yesterday I started to eat MORE!!!
    And surprisingly I have MORE ENERGY + I can feel my MUSCLE!!!!!!!!!
    Don't Give UPPPPPPP!!!!!
    I feel like we've started during a similar time period! let's Do THIS TOGETHER!!! =]

    2446 days ago
    Don't give up! The weight will come off if you're exercising and eating according to your food program.

    I've only been on this program for a month so I can't really answer your question. But, I think of this as a lifetime change. I need to eat this way the rest of my life. I've mourned the loss of all my delicious food friends emoticon I lied, I'm still mourning them.

    I can't weigh myself for a couple of reasons: 1) I'd likely drop dead if I knew how much I weighed, and 2) I'd be weighing myself every day to see if I'd lost weight. I use my clothes as a guideline to tell if I'm losing.

    Remember, if you're burning more calories than you eat, you'll lose weight.
    2446 days ago
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