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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So, I did great yesterday on my day off work. Had over 100 grams of protein. 70 oz of water. 1 hr of exercise (zumba). This morning I woke and felt really good. Monday was a very stressful day dealing with my teen daughter.. I actually wanted to eat pint of Ben & Jerry's. I didn't I fought through the feeling.
Breakfast- egg w/ steak n diced onion
Mid- Protein Shake
Lunch- 2 Sauteed Tilapia
Mid- Protein Shake
Dinner- Chicken breast & Veggies
------------I got my water in a 70 oz pitcher and I'm going to the gym for 1.30 hrs. Ripped & Zumba.
YEEEE !!! gonna have a great day!
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