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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

See, this is why I shouldn’t say things like, “I’ve gotten in at least a half-hour workout every day this week, since Sunday.” Because the very next day, something will happen that will screw everything up.
Last week, it was a combination of I-got-busy and I-got-obsessed (with buying supplies for an upcoming venture – learning to sculpt in polymer clay, which will eventually, hopefully, become learning to sculpt in epoxy clay, which’ll just be cool as heck. Because while I don’t expect to ever learn to be this good… this is really, REALLY cool. It’s Alice in Wonderland’s March Hare as Jack the Ripper, btw.

But first, I have to… y’know, learn to sculpt, period), which was quickly replaced with I’m-a-lazy-a$$.
From Saturday on, I was actually DYING to work out, but I couldn’t find the time.
I did receive my Amazon order of CAP Fitness 40lb adjustable dumbbells last week, so YAY! I think I did damage to myself carrying them upstairs, though. It didn’t hurt so much at the time, but it’s hurt ever since, so… yeah. Fortunately, I have no intention of lifting 40lb weights any time soon. I haven’t even worked up to 5lbs, yet; I’m still on 3lbs, and I haven’t even done THAT in a week. I actually thought it was because of this weird dream I had, where I was schlepping around a cemetery carrying a case of Diet Coke while arguing with my family (yeah, don’t ask – I don’t get it, either), but I realized this morning that the arrival of the weights probably happened right around the same time that my arm started hurting. It’s entirely possible I had that dream BECAUSE my arm had started hurting; with dreams, who knows? But collateral damage not withstanding, I’m glad I bought them; I’m looking forward to working up to heavier weights. I’ve always been a fan of weight training. Anyway, I’m just going to concentrate on another body part in my ST until it gets better.
Last night, I finally jumped back on the workout wagon, even though it wasn’t ST. I’d planned to get right back into ST, but when I turned on the Wii and the music to EA Sports Fitness 2 started up, I couldn’t face it. I decided to ease myself back into things with something a little more fun.
Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout, or more accurately, Cardio Boxing.
I beat the imaginary face of the person who’s been making me crazy at work right the heck in. Just imagined it right in the spot on the wall I was aiming for, and Pow! Biff! Crash! Kretch!
(Mad imaginary bonus points to anyone who gets that reference, btw.)
Aggressions tamed! Tensions released! WOO-HOO!!!
I SLEPT!!! For the first time in a week, I finally, FINALLY got a decent night’s sleep. Sore arm or no sore arm, I’m pretty damned happy about that.
So… now I know. When work makes me miserable, the answer isn’t necessarily losing myself in spending money on crafty things that may or may not pan out; it’s taking out my aggressions via video games that conveniently also provide a decent cardio workout. That way I feel better, while doing something about looking better and working towards my goals, too.
Oddly, even though I pretty much blew off the whole healthy eating, drinking enough water and exercising lifestyle last week, I seem to have still lost weight. So I’m down to 174.4, and am officially overweight.
This is not the first time I’ve gotten the opportunity to do the I’M OVERWEIGHT!!! happy dance, but I truly hope it’s the last time.

Yay for overweight!
And the Wii Fit is so rude about it, as well. Hey, you stupid machine! I’ve gone from you saying, “That’s obese!” to, “That’s overweight.” And it actually sounds more depressed about me being overweight! Overweight is wonderful. Overweight is one step lower on the BMI scale, one step closer to Normal. It’s a noticeable step closer to my goal. It’s the star on my tracker moving one millimeter closer to the moon at the center. It’s a BIG DEAL!!!
And that was after a week of not really trying! And it’s mere days away from the worst weight week in the month; I should actually be a good pound or so lighter this time next week!
Sorry for all the exclamation points. Between the general positivity of yesterday’s events, and the fact that I FINALLY GOT SOME SLEEP, I’m feeling really quite exceptionally upbeat today.
Textually, anyway.
Outwardly, I’m pretty quiet and laid back.
But on the inside… leaps, and pirouettes, and John Revolting Disco Dances of Joy.
Hope I can keep the positive vibes going.

…Hope the person who makes me crazy stays away from me today; I have strength training to do tonight, and may not have enough time to beat her imaginary face in.

Hope everyone else has a great day. :-)
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