Redefining Thanksgiving

Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving is usually about family, and exceedingly about the indulgence of food and drink. In my family this is no different - TONS of food, and drink options... and even more dessert. Tonight we had a delicious spread for dinner - turkey, ham, mixed veggies, turnip, mashed potatoes, gravy, lots of pickles, beets, cheese... many drinkable calories in V8, Kahlua/milk, beer... and then 4 kinds of pie, 2 types of whipped cream, 3 kinds of ice cream. Gosh! I'm full just thinking about it all. Fortunately though I went in prepared. Family meals are always a challenge for me whether its a holiday or not. My mom makes a ton of food and we eat. So portion control hasn't been a forte of mine while dining there. I let my mom know though that it was my intent to portion my food per my list. So I started putting my plate together while dishes were being prepared for the table. I am pleasantly surprised that there was no resistance or "it's a holiday" statements from anyone! Not even my dad. That's big! My nana was curious what I was doing, but it didn't otherwise phase her. Woot! So here is a picture of my carefully portioned meal - sans dinner roll and wine (both were later added):

After dinner, while there was some chit chat happening as the meal came to a close I excused myself and started on the dishes. The sink is set so your back is to the table while your hands are in the water. The dishes lasted through my boys and niece being served and enjoying ice cream. *Phew* And then afterwards, we visited in the living room and pie was enjoyed later back in the kitchen. My dad offered, but wasn't pushy or insistent. I truly enjoyed my Thanksgiving evening - every planned morsel! HAHA! Honestly though, just being with my family and enjoying a meal together is a pleasure! When we each were sharing what we were thankful for - my statement was "I am thankful for Sparkpeople"... I elaborated a little on this but it was great! It was a nice reminder for me that I am committed to a goal despite the meal. And it let everyone know just how dedicated I am to my goals as a whole. My youngest son is thankful to start at an english school tomorrow - he has been in french immersion but it's causing too much anxiety for him so tomorrow he is moving schools and he couldn't be more thrilled. My oldest son is thankful for his school extra cirriculars - he's become very involved already this year in the cross country running and soccer team. And my middle dude is thankful he's an earthling! You read that right, his exact statement was "I'm thankful I was born on the planet Earth!" He's so randomly amusing. I did bring home a small slice of apple and pumpkin pie - my hubby didn't eat any either so we'll share a slice each at some point. He's so proud of my determination - and it feels so great to be told that! It feels great having my nana notice. And my dad too. For this Thanksgiving, I redefined within me the importance of the holiday. It's not how much you can eat, or how full you can feel, how quickly you can pass out afterwards... it's truly about an exceptional meal, spent in the company of your family recognizing that which we should be thankful for each day. The next holiday that I will have to take on is Christmas, and with this one already a success I have no remaining doubt that it can also be redefined to help me reach my goals as well. Thank you for your support everyone on this. It may seem like I spent too much time thinking about this holiday or this meal, but it was a challenge for me and your support and my pre-planning helped immensely. I am still on track so I succeeded today.

OH! This morning I went for a run before we ended up eating our Thanksgiving feast and getting home late; no excuses. My two oldest boys came with me. They are such a blessing - they were either cheering me on at the track, running alongside of me when they could, getting my water, or giving me high fives. They are just awesome! Braeden is 9 and rode his scooter around and around. Trying to race me again. Making me laugh, always! And Daston, he's 7, when he couldn't run alongside me anymore he didn't stop there, he continued doing the laps! We would meet up every now and then, he'd take my hand during a walk interval and then run with me for a minute. I had a vision of them a few years from now at the track on their own accord, enjoying a good run and understanding the value of it. I can only hope that the example I am setting now will be deeply rooted in each of them. It's just amazing how the things we do become so engrained in them and their choices and who they are. It's kind of funny that if our children do or say something that is sort of crazy or off, we can look at that and say jokingly "well he got that from me" or say to your spouse "he got that from you". All joking aside though, they really do develop things that are directly linked to us. It is my hope, my intention that my sons will be active and healthy as they grow older and become men, and one day I will be able to say proudly that I contributed to that value in them! They mean the world to me.

Good night friends.
And one last, Happy Thanksgiving!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm so happy that you we're able to concur Thanksgiving with your family! See your parents are getting on board too not making any comments and its because they see a new you! That's exciting, your family is seeing you as the person you are becoming because you have taught them who you are now.

    My kids aren't letting me go run without them now, its becoming a habit for them now, and I love that we are inspiring our kids. See you tonight :D
    2749 days ago
    Wow, Ellie! I am so proud of you!!! You did an awesome job, hon!!! And it is so heartwarming to hear about the wonderful comments and support from your family! Especially you and the boys at the track. (umm, that's so not a real sentence, but anyway!)... I've started getting my two girls in on the exercise and fitness as well, and it just feels soooo good to see them making lifestyle changes as well.

    Huge hugs to ya, girl! You're doing FANTASTIC! And like I mentioned on your feed, don't sweat the scale this week. YOU know you're making the right choices. Besides, remember my 1lb GAIN last week? That was so disheartening. But by mid-week, I was showing a 6 lb loss (only 4 by weigh in because i did end up having a higher than usual sodium meal on Saturday).

    Just keep making those healthy choices and it will happen! You can do it!!! Woot! Woot!!!
    2749 days ago
    Wow, it sounds like you had a great day and got out of the holiday exactly what is important (and without a bunch of extra, meaningless calories!!). Way to go. And it's great that your boys are participating with you. In the US (and maybe in Canada too) there's a big problem with too many kids being too sedentary and developing all the problems that result. It's great to have those habits established early - it's good to exercise! Mom does it!
    LOL @ your earthling boy!!! Makes you wonder what goes through their minds...very cute.
    Have a great day!
    2749 days ago
    Happy Thanksgiving! It sounds like you did GREAT with your commitment to your healthy lifestyle!
    2750 days ago
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