Friday, October 07, 2011

Today is long run day - the training schedule says 11 miles.....and I'm intimidated.....I don't know why today has me so freaked out.

It is also perfect running's 52'....they say 55' is PERFECT.

I'm dressed and ready to go - but not sure if I'm dressed right - when I go out - it feels I have capri length pants, a tank and a long sleeve shirt on - so I can shed the LS if I need to....both are light weight - but it feels cold when I go out.....I don't like to be cold at all - and I know my ears are going to feel it - they were unhappy at the bus stop this morning....

I think I have hit a wall - I just wish the half were here already - I have determined I don't like the long runs - they take too much time out of my day - I love running 6 miles.....that seems to be a good fit for my lifestyle.....and hour of exercise - I don't get left feeling spent, and I can continue on - I know 11 miles is going to leave me spent, and it's not like I can go to bed at 8 or 9 tonight - nope - the 13 yr. old has a 9:30 hockey game, which means I won't be home until 11, and then back out the door for a 8 am dentist for the 10.....

Ok - I know I'm whining....I need to just do it - but I'm intimidated....and I'm nervous....and I plain old just don't want to today --- tomorrow is not a good choice - it will be 80'....but I think I'd be happier...don't do cold well.....

OK - I'm going - I think....maybe I'll wait just a little more - and maybe the temp will be 60 - maybe.....

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    I have the same issue with the long runs - takes so much time out of the day.
    I tried now to put on some audiobooks, or German lessons. My pace is not as fast as with music, but it's a different style.

    I also increased my speed from 6:30 min/K to 5:30 min/K. So, I run the 10K in 53-55 minutes, instead of 65 minutes. It's heavier exercise, more calories burned.
    3482 days ago
    Hey... I know this is late, but hang in there... it will be here before we know it and it will be what it will be. All you can do is give your best. You will be the best... because you are the best. :) :) :) Take it 3 miles at a time. It's really just 4 3mile runs you know... emoticon

    Sorry this is so late... things have been crazy around here... thinking about you!!!!! xxJ
    3483 days ago
    Hope you got it down and felt wonderful afterwards!!
    3483 days ago
    I agree with the person who said run your usual 6 and then see how you feel. That's what I do when I don't feel like going on one of my longer walks (someday I might run!)--I think, okay, I'll go for 15 minutes and if I still feel like I just can't do it today, I'll turn around and come back--then I get to the 15 and push myself to go for 15 more minutes with the same promise. Once I'm halfway there I might as well push through because if I turn around and go back now it will be the same distance as if I finished it. You know?

    Hope you will report on what and how you did.
    3484 days ago
    The first extra clothes I put on our gloves and a hat. I buy inexpensive knit gloves from Walmart or Target and cheap fleece hats. I take them off and tuck them in my fuel belt. Because they are inexpensive I don't worry about losing them---although I think I've only lost one glove.

    Long runs can be hard to fit into a schedule. They have become a popular sort of thing to do---but you can become fit without them. You just need to do what works for you. Kids get older and the time commitments shift. My kids are 14-19. Ones off to college, just 2 left at home this year. I find my schedule is much less challenging.
    3484 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6805483
    Talk yourself IN to the run, not OUT of it!!! I KNOW you can do it!!
    3484 days ago
    Girl, what's a NE girl like you doing worrying about 52 degrees? It will feel good!
    I wear earwarm headband thing & gloves early in the morning when it has been in the upper 30s or lower 40s. I end up taking them off & carrying them after awhile. But I really do need them at the begining.
    9:30 hockey game? HOly CoW! THat is crazy. Way past this old lady's bedtime.
    Next week, is your long run going to be shorter? I think I'll do 8 miles for next week's.
    3484 days ago
    Nothing wrong with keeping it to 10k in the future. Now you know what your preference is.
    I'm sure your run will go great!! I wish I was out running 11 miles.
    3484 days ago
    I hope you went and feel better now that you've done it. And if not, that's okay, too - you have to decide what feels right - you're the only one that knows. Maybe plan to do 6 and see how you feel at the end of the 6 - you'll probably say, okay, I can do 7 and then before you know it you'll be done with 11 :)

    And, just so you know - I had to do that last night when I ran my 5K training program. I was supposed to walk 1, run 4 for a total of 40 minutes. I wanted so bad to quit at 28 minutes, but I talked myself into going til 30 - then 30 came and I said okay one more time and then 35 came and WTH might as well do the final 5 and make it 40. I was so happy when I was done and proud of myself for not quitting.

    GOOD LUCK! I'll be waiting to hear how it went!
    3484 days ago
    3484 days ago
    GO! You will warm up so fast, you will wonder why you bothered to bring the long sleeve shirt.
    9:30 hockey game for a 13 year old! Sounds like you shouldn't give up on running, but hockey. At least it is a Friday, but geez.
    3484 days ago
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