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A cheap, very effictive thermogenic (fat burner) - Cayenne

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Greetings! Yes this is my first blog so far, hope I will make more soon.

When I started my weight loss journey at 246lbs I started researching the most efficient ways to lose weight efficiently yet safely. And when I get into something I seem to study it like I'm a freaking university researcher for some reason.

(picture of me at my heaviest)

Through my 'research' I stumbled across the true meaning of "burning" calories. While we work out and our bodies warm up and muscles contract and expand we start to literally 'burn' calories and fat. That's why you see some people wearing hoodies and sweat pants in saunas. So then I started looking into whats known as a 'thermogenic.' A thermogenic naturally raises your body temperature, and some also ad caffeine to give you that extra energy boost. I started with one called Oxyelite Pro and I must admit it definitely helped. Of course keep in mind there is no such thing as a magic pill you take and sit on your couch and you lose weight. This simply helped me burn more calories and I could definitely feel the difference when working out. I stayed on Oxyelite for about 5 months and lost nearly 27lbs

Oxyelite is not cheap, and I started telling myself I could lose the weight without the help of a thermogenic anymore. Of course my fiance saw the results and wanted to take a thermogenic as well. Oxyelite, however, was too powerful for her as she naturally has a higher heart rate. We started looking into other thermogenics and finally found one that gave us the same 'burning' sensation without TOO much of a heart rate issue called MethylBurn. This was slightly cheaper than Oxyelite, at $ 30 for a month's supply, but still not 'cheap'. During our move into our new home we couldn't afford the Methylburn until we saved up some more money.

Luckily, Crystal is a genius and started researching on her own. One of my favorite online stores during my weight loss journey has been bodybuilding dot com. They have tons of supplements for every goal, not just 'body building.' She looked into Cayenne supplements, as that was often a main ingredient in the other thermogenics. Sure enough, we could get a 250 count supply of Cayenne capsules for only $7.89! A serving size is only 1 capsule twice a day, so we're set for quite a while. We're combining this with ECG Green Tea extract.

I just took the Cayenne today for the first time and wow I definitely feel the same thermogenic feeling I got from the more expensive ones. If you want to add some caloric burn to your workouts I definitely suggest picking up some Cayenne capsules!

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