Busting Misconceptions: Swimming

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I had this crazy idea that I loved swimming - but today, after a very challenging 20 minutes of lap swimming, as I nursed some seriously worked muscles in all sorts of places, I realized a few things:

1) this was actually the first time I've ever lap swam

2) I haven't swam much since I had swimming class my Freshman year in high school (1986 - uh, yeah like 25 years ago)

3) I'm kind of afraid of deep water (I had forgotten this, but I chose a lane along the wall, and I took my time and tried to relax - I can swim and tread water, but I actually experience a bit of panic when I know there is nothing but water below me)

4) I don't like to get water up my nose/in my eyes - so my strokes of choice were a modified breaststroke that kept my head above water and a back stroke - I also like side stroke, but I could tell my muscles weren't strong enough for that today - I suppose this is why people buy goggles and nose plugs - but it is autumn, so good luck for me finding those items this time of year

So yeah, I'm really not a swimmer, never have been, only did so well in the class in high school because getting anything less than an A for a physical fitness class would have upset me

But I love swimming, and I love how my muscles are crying out in all directions today - I'm going to start doing it once a week, and maybe add a second day when I get better at it

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    I love swimming, too, but it's so expensive here in Germany - and I don't like having to drive somewhere to get my exercise. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!) When I'm in Florida, though, I become a water baby and love swimming laps in the pool at the Wellness Center.

    I see someone already suggested ordering nose plugs and stuff on the internet...what did we do before we had those options!?
    3229 days ago
    This sounds like something I could write! haha! Except that I love deep water. I do love to swim, but do NOT swim straight! If I'm in a big pool and try to swim laps, I always run into people/the side/etc. We have a above ground pool (15X30) that I swam laps in this summer. Every time I was getting a good rhythm, it was time to turn around. It took me 50 (!) laps to get to 20 minutes of swimming! Now, if I was at the lake, I could swim a long long way and think nothing of it. Sigh. Our town only has one indoor pool, at the hotel, and it is FRIGID. Hmmm, we may not even have that come to think of it... the roof caved in this summer after our torrential rains that flooded half the area. Anyhooo... good for you for swimming! Have a blast!!!
    3231 days ago
  • CANDOK1260
    I not much of a swimmer but I love the water.great blog emoticon emoticon
    3231 days ago
    Just keep swimming, just keep swimming... Dory, Finding Nemo
    3231 days ago
    I love swimming, too. Er, I mean, I love paddling around in the water. And floating. And stuff. Because, I don't actually know how to SWIM swim.....I'm taking lessons next summer.

    Gooooood for you!!!!! Woohoo!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!

    3231 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10965611
    You almost make me want to swim. Almost. emoticon

    It sounds like it is an excellent workout, though. emoticon
    3231 days ago
    Everything you could possibly want for a great swim workout. I like the Sporti antifog goggles. Silicon cap. Kickboard. Treat swimming like a C25K plan. Alternate freestyle laps with kick laps just as you did running and walking intervals on C25K. You will be going the distance in no time!
    3231 days ago
    Good for you!!!! I have never been a fan of lap swimming because I can't figure out the breathing!!!! Good job!!!!:-)
    3231 days ago
    I see many similarities here to my own misconceptions about swimming! I LOVE IT! And have I ever done a workout of lap swimming? Once, 10+ years ago. I ached all over so bad I never went back. But I love swimming! haha! That reminds me that it really is a great workout, I should try it again sometime soon! CONGRATS on shaking up your exercise! Once again you inspire me!!! emoticon
    3231 days ago
    if you relax in the water, like you were lying in bed, there is no way you will sink. but if you tense up, you will go down a bit, then it's easier to get water in places you rather would not. try it!
    3231 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9543726
    I was a competitive swimmer for five years in middle and high school and I loved every bit of it, but it is DEFINITELY hard on your muscles. My aunt is a massage therapist and she used to give me sports massages on my back and legs every single week (those are the super hard, work the kinks out massages). But oddly, I get water in my nose far more during backstroke than I ever do in ones with my head under water... :D
    3231 days ago
    Nice job with the swimming!!! emoticon My daughter's swam competitively and you usu. find goggles online (and sometimes @ Dick's Sporting Goods) year round. Good luck
    3232 days ago
    Woo hooo!! You know what?? I don't do much lap swimming either.. it is HARD... a REAL Workout!!!
    3232 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7898490
    I do a water aerobics were getting water. There are members of our class that do not get their heads wet. It is a choice. emoticon emoticon
    3232 days ago
    woohoo i love swimming too..tomorrow is supposed to be swim day but something came up so friday ;p
    3232 days ago
  • DJHS121655
    i too haven't swam actually 10 years more than u have i am not sure i could do it any more u are braver then i well good luck emoticon emoticon
    3232 days ago
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