Sept recap/Oct goals

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Awesome August #’s
Fitness minutes= 1,736 (up 620 from July)
Calories burned= 13,459 (4,519 more than in July, wowza!)
Miles run= 59.1 (up 7.3 from July)

SSS September
Fitness minutes= 1,239
Calories burned= 10,551
Miles run= 55.3

Numbers are down vs last month, (Boo!) but nutrition was better. Even with a week of vacation; the scale didn’t feel it. I’ve been maintaining 130 for almost 3 weeks now. I hadn’t seen that number for more than a day and it was a looonggg time ago. Will I come under?? Hmmmm…

September was pretty solid; with my boudoir photo shoot, it was definitely sexy and I’m certainly feeling/looking stronger. Ladies-- I can’t think of a better way to celebrate your body and your beauty than with a sexy but classy boudoir shoot!! I will share pictures later!!

Towards the end of this month though my motivation started fading, which means I still do what I gotta do, but with less enthusiasm which means less Joy. And we need to feel the JOY in what we do!! I am not excited about Oct honestly. I need a new goal, a new challenge…. I also turn 35 this month, and I am not sure how I feel about this just yet. In September I also met up with my sister and my nephew for several days. I read 2 books. I saw Food Inc and Food Matters (highly recommend). I ran a 10K (and placed 2nd in my category).

October goals:
• Continue P90X -My Way- phase 3, (already bored! But sticking through it)
• Complete 2 longs runs
• Try a new workout on recovery week (kettlebells, finally?)
• Complete a nutrition challenge. What exactly... not sure yet… Go veg? Ditch coffee?
• Read another 2 books.
• Take care of my nails (I’m a nail biter, and it’s gross and I have to stop)
• Get to bed before 10 pm?

I am more looking forward to November—Divas Half Marathon!

Have a rockin October SPeeps! And keep away from the halloween candy!!!!!!!!!!

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