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"Hello One-derland. I've been dreaming this day would come for years."

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Monday, October 03, 2011

Once upon a time there was this very bright and imaginative and shy young woman who always dreamed. Her mind would fill up with vivid lights and colors and images that she never thought could ever exist.

She was trapped in a world of isolation. A world of self-hatred and disgust. Sadness swept through her everyday she had to wake up and face the world. People would encourage her to be smile, but they were often forced and never true.

Her life was spiraling out of control. Her weight was the problem. She had grown a deplorable relationship with food. It was her only comfort. She would find peace of mind when it entered her body. So she would consume it often and it unrealistic amounts.

Then one some what sunny day the girl looked at herself. Her eyes looked right through the outer shell into her soul. She knew then at that moment that this lifestyle had to stop. She was weary of what she saw and who she had become. She was tired of the names, and jokes, and constant humiliation. She knew she was much more than what others saw her as. She knew she was much more than what she saw herself as.

Waving a short farewell to the sheltered and somewhat stable image and life she was used to the girl ran as fast as she could in the opposite direction. Trying her hardest to find who she really was on the inside. She knew that it wasn't what every thought including herself. She knew that she had to prove to herself that she could achieve the impossible.

She ran through the damp and crooked trails that were laid out in front of her feet. Not knowing exactly where she was going, but knowing in her heart that it was the right way. Each step bringing her closer, but also proving more challenging than before. Her knees began to throb and her feet started to swell, but she pressed on through the jungles and forests and over the mountains. She found a fellow traveler and sought out comfort and guidance from him. They decided to travel the remaining way together knowing that either may not make it on their own.

The two traveled together for months. Trying with all their strength to make it to the end of the path. They wanted nothing more than to achieve greatness and understanding. They wanted others to see what they were doing and join in. They wanted everyone to see what they could do if only they believed in themselves and each other.

Then one morning as the girl traveled up the tallest mountain she saw a sign. The Sun's light was blindly shining in her eyes so the girl found it difficult to read at first, but as the distance grew shorter in her heart she knew what it read. She turned to her companion and he smiled as the words "Run for it!" escaped his lips. Immediately obeying the girl turned and run with all the strength that she could gather up the steep slope of land. Jagged rocks and sticks and thorns rammed into the bottoms of her injured and tired feet, but she continued to run as hard as her body would let her. She past several smaller signs on the way that said 250, 240, and then 230, but only had the largest in sight.

The signs grew slightly larger as the numbers grew smaller. 225, 215, and 205. Sweat was pouring down the girls face as her breath came out in sharp gasps with each sign she passed. She thought she surely wouldn't make it. The Mountain was too high, the dirt too slick, the trail too steep. She thought that all her travels would be for nothing, that her journey would end short. Everyone would prove that they were right and that she couldn't do the impossible. The girl's pace slowed and the thoughts of giving up cycled around in her head.

Suddenly the girl's foot slipped out from under her body in mid-stride and she was launched forward into the cold, moist dirt. Tears forming into her eyes she waited a second before slowly picking her sore and bruised body from the rubble. Halfway up she saw an inviting and comforting hand offering help. Looking up to see who was before her she let out a hard gasp. There were no words to describe it, no adjectives that could give it justice. Her tears suddenly turned form sadness to joy when it spoke. "Hello, Amber. Welcome to One-derland."

Letting it help her to feet she stood by what she had started this journey for and wept. There was nothing that she couldn't so now. She had proved to herself and everyone else that she could accomplish the unthinkable. The impossible was never a match for her. She could do anything. As her tears slowly dried and she regained her breath, Amber turned to her new found friend and replied "Hello One-derland. I've been dreaming this day would come for years."

The two stood hand in hand as they looked out in the distance toward the Sun. More Mountains lay before her. More Obstacles. More Challenges. More of the "impossible". The girl knew that she could do anything now. That the "impossible" was now the "possible". Another hand slipped into the empty one as her original companion joined them. A smile crept on the girl's lips and she suddenly wanted the world to bring it. With her two companions by her side she could take on the world!

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