A bit of a grumble and a moan

Monday, October 03, 2011

I'm not gonna lie, I'm gutted today. I know I said I wouldn't be if this happened, but guess what? I lied.

I weighed in this morning...and haven't lost a single freakin' pound! Not one. Yeah yeah, "but you didn't put any on either"...that's all well and good, but I wasn't expecting to put on weight: I was expecting to lose some! I worked damn hard last week, seriously I did. It's so frustrating not to see it on the scale. I do feel better in myself, I "think" i've lost weight, my clothes feel nicer on me, I have tons more energy, and my arms are looking FABULOUS dahhhling emoticon BUT I don't wanna weigh 88kg. I don't wanna see that horrible number on my scale any longer. I think I'm gonna buy some new scales. Maybe digital ones. The ones I have are those old school ones where you have to line up the little marker on the 0 before stepping on. Maybe I need one that counts in 0.1's.

Who knows! But I'm annoyed. And I better just lose some weight at next Monday's weigh-in, cos I'm going on holiday next Thursday and this aint helping me feel beach ready! SO, that's my grumble and a moan over. I need a plan of action. A plan which will mean that, regardless of what those &£%*$££% scales say next Monday, I will know that I achieved what I set out to achieve (but I still better lose SOMETHING! lol):

emoticon EXERCISE
- Monday: swimming
- Tuesday: evening gym (just cardio)
- Wednesday: evening 35 minute jog (W4 D2 of 5K Trick or Treat Trot)
- Thursday: morning gym (include ST)
- Friday: morning gym (just cardio); evening 40 minute jog (W4 D3 of 5K Trick or Treat Trot)
- Saturday: morning badminton and gym (include ST)
- Sunday: morning swimming; evening 30 minute jog (W5 D1 of 5K Trick or Treat Trot)

emoticon FOOD
- Stay at LOWER end of calories range (1450-1550)
- No more than 200 calories for dessert
- Protein protein protein

Ok, it's written down now. Gotta go get it! On a better note, I got an email saying my 3 new dresses I bought online are on their way! Eeeeek! I hope they look as cute on me as they do on the internet. Hmmmmm... emoticon hahaha

(I'm not usually such a depressive. Just needed an outlet for my frustration!)
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    Have you tried turning to the tape measure instead of the scales? When I wasn't losing any weight, someone suggested this to me, and boy did it make a difference. When I saw that I wasn't losing weight, but I was losing inches (and you must be too, you say your clothes are all loser!) I suddenly thought - well, isn't this what's important ANYWAY? No one can see my weight. I don't walk around with a sign floating above my head that shows people how many kg I weigh. But they see what I look like! In fact, when I cam back to Uni after the Easter break, I had so many people tell me how great I looked, and how much weight I'd lost, but you know what? I was exactly the same weight as when I'd left! It was just the inches I had lost!

    You're building up muscles as well as losing fat. You're clearly making progress, and doing all the right things - so perhaps it's time to lose the dependency on the scale! There's tonnes of articles on sparkpeople about how to do it. I think the best thing about being at uni is that I don't OWN a scale. It really helps, rather than hinders!

    Regardless of what your scale says, you're doing great. We're all really proud of you, and I know that you're goign to achieve everything that you want to and more. You just keep at it girl! x
    3401 days ago
  • HEBA282
    Stick with it ,you will get there! emoticon
    3402 days ago
    I have four words for you: YOU WILL DO IT!!!

    You have a plan, you are motivated, you are kind of mad (which usually gets me going!), and it is possible. So you will do it!! You are going to look fabulous in Dubai laying on the beach soaking up the sun! I know it!!

    You've got this!!!
    3403 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10973823
    It is quite depressing the fact you haven't lost according to the scales, buuuut as you said your clothes feel nicer and your are looking good! If you have been doing quite a bit of weight training you could have lost weight but gained muscle --- muscle weighs more than fat remember. And also, did you weigh yourself the same time, with the same clothes on as you did on your last weigh in because you can go up and down like crazy during one day.

    Anyway I know you'll look faaaaaaaaaab dahling on your holiday. Stop mentioning it cos im gettin well jell :P

    3403 days ago
    Its better to get all the frustration out rather than keep it in and let it build. You said that your clothes are fitting better which is AWESOME! And I'm jealous of your FABULOUS arms emoticon ! Remember too as you are dieting and working out you could have lost some of those stubborn fatty pounds and gained muscle mass. One pound of muscle takes up less space than one pound of fat- so that could be it. I know we all want the scale to say that specific number, but a lot of it comes down to what you look like and how you feel. At least thats how I try look at it. If I weighed what I weigh now, but had a flat tummy and looked toned, I would be excited! So just because you didn't lose weight doesnt mean you didn't lose inches!
    3403 days ago
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