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Monday, October 03, 2011

This blog may be a mish-mash of things that make sense and things that don't. I'm just typing as I think of it.

Yesterday was an awful day for me. Too much stress at work.

Alright. I worked out last week at least 4 days.

I'm having trouble eating enough food because I find that I'm full all of the time. I'm not someone that eats regularly (until SP that is). I have always been someone that just ate when I was hungry. That means most of the time I ate one meal a day. Last week (several times) I didn't meet my caloric intake. For once I've been eating enough protein but not enough fats or carbs. It's like I can't seem to get it right!!

I'm sooooo frustrated!

To add to this frustration I stepped on the scale this morning and it said I'd gained 3 pounds. My weight has been fluctuating since I've been doing SP. It used to be (before SP) that I'd get on a scale and the number would be the same from day to day. Not so anymore. I can get on a scale and my weight be different even 5 minutes from the last time I weighed. I measured my abdomen (because that's the place I want to lose the most weight) and it said I'd gained 1.25 inches. THAT IS COMPLETE BS! There is absolutely no way that I've gained anything this past week. I didn't bother measuring anything else (mostly because I needed someone else to do it for me for it to be accurate) because I didn't want to see what lies this tape measure is telling me.


I'm wondering if my terrible day yesterday had anything to do with whatever the heck is going on today. I didn't drink enough water yesterday. I think I had 8 oz to drink yesterday. That's something the pre-SP Coan would do. Before SP I could literally go an entire day just drinking one glass of whatever. I also ate only a little over 1000 calories.

I'm not like most people I see on SP. I'm not an emotional eater. I'm the opposite. If I'm upset I can't eat. I can go days only eating 200-300 calories. Food literally makes me sick to my stomach if I'm upset.

I had a great breakfast yesterday before my awful day at work started. It was after this awful upset at work that I started not being able to eat. I could not calm myself down. I came home and ate some chili and then I decided to have a drink to calm myself down. I had some of my boyfriend's Wild Turkey liquor. It was disgusting. I knew it would be (which is why I think there's so much left in the bottle. He won't acknowledge that it's disgusting). I never drink so this was completely out of character for me. It made me incredibly sleepy which was fine with me.

I'm wondering if the combination of dehydration, alcohol, no exercise, stress, not eating enough and whatever else happened yesterday has caused these terrible results today. Is that possible? Can one day ruin everything I've been working at for 4 weeks?

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    Stress is often blamed for weight gain at a weigh-in on Biggest Loser show. People could be doing everything right and then still have a bad number. But lack of water brings on a reaction from your cells to retain fluid since it's not getting what it needs. Just like if you're not eating enough your body retains what it IS getting because it goes into starvation mode. Just pick yourself up and brush off your knees and do what you can to have a better week. We'll have to have a talk on Tuesday night. Hope I can be an encouragement! As I told you, my scale hated me this morning. I gained one pound, but I know I ate too much sodium all weekend. But even though I had a reason for my gain, I felt defeated. But you know what I did about it? I went out for a walk and called Duane. He gave me a great amount of encouragement. Weight is not static. It is dependent on so many factors. My first four weeks were so up and down. just hang in there!
    3443 days ago
  • YESI1211
    I believe it can. Stress alone can do it, imagine it with all of the other things. If its about that time of the month that can do it too. Don't be discouraged, keep moving forward.
    3443 days ago
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