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feeling wimpy

Sunday, October 02, 2011

as some of you know, in the midst of a major (over) work crisis (problem with being a free-lancer, you're the boss), i tripped over a cobblestone on a run Tuesday, and ended up with 5 (highly visible) stitches in my forehead, a headache, and, i subsequently discovered, a very bruised left fifth of my face and a cracked or bruised rib. so i decided to focus on getting the work done and didn't work out Wed, Thurs or Fri. and ate more than i should have, though not out of my range, or even much over what i have been eating except for Chinese one night. but the scale saw.
so yesterday i decided it was time to start again. but ended up deciding against the market, because i need to go there on Wednesday to buy the salmon to make the gravlax for my daughter's birthday dinner on the 12th. so i was going to run, about my usual 3.5 miles, but then it was hot and my glasses needed to be fixed from my fall, so i ran to the glasses store, and they fixed my glasses after scaring me by telling me they might need replacement. and that's where i saw the ugly bruise down the left fifth of my face. and i needed to be home to take my daughter for her blood test, so i ran the amount of time that got me back in time, which came to a total both ways of 25 min and 1.9 miles. felt wimpy. and had promised her that today we would go to the Apple Store for an itunes card. so again, only 2.65 miles, split in two parts, and about 37 minutes. and i felt so out of shape. my legs and my lungs. and it's hot again.
did you ever read such a pitiful set of excuses? i watch you guys keep running in acute pain, and i fall out of shape in 3 days??? that's not supposed to happen. i'm supposed to run the halloween virtual 10K and now am not sure i will succeed in building my endurance back up... and i feel like a wimpy coward. i have to admit that going back on cobblestones scares me ... but the goal is that Tuesday i do the run i was doing when i fell. wonder if there are blood stains there?
almost 60 and feeling unfit again.
oops ... wallowing. time to start singing along with Linda Ronstadt and Warren Zevon ... poor poor pitiful me. that usually snap me out of it.
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  • YIWEN39
    surely you're not "out of shape" after just 3 days emoticon
    I must agree with all the other Sparkies... you need a bit of time to recover! Sounds like a rather nasty fall you took, give yourself enough "get better" time.
    And surely you got some work done, congrats on that :-)
    emoticon Sparkie :-)
    2755 days ago
    I hope you get better soon!i loved your blog!!! take care!
    2756 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    It is just your body making sure you give it the rest it needs so it is rebelling a bit. The rest will make you stronger than ever. You have a long way to go before you can come close to qualifying for "wimpy". Somehow, I don't think you will ever qualify for that title. I came to thank you for reading and commenting on my "willingness" blog. I love visiting your page, it always makes me feel like I have had a teensy visit to Paris.
    2759 days ago
  • LILLI56
    almost 2 miles in 25 minutes. . and you feel wimpy. I walk a mile and it takes me 25 minutes. And the cobblestones they would really be my downfall. I walk on a track at the park that is level and everything and sometimes I trip over my own feet. Just think of me barely walking (but still doing it) when you feel wimpy!! You are doing it! emoticon
    2760 days ago
    And here I was thinking that it was awesome that you're already back to running after such a nasty fall. It is awesome! And so are you!!

    If it makes you feel any better, I just took about two weeks off from running for no reason other than that I just didn't feel like it. Now, THAT is wimpy. I got back on the treadmill tonight and definitely noticed a drop in endurance. I'm not worried, though, because I think the body (mine and yours) will remember quickly what it's capable of.

    Like so many others said, though, be careful and let yourself heal from your injuries.
    2760 days ago
    Give yourself a break. Tomorrow is another day... emoticon
    2761 days ago
    Allow yourself some time to heal. Your body is telling you that it needs it. It doesn't mean that you are wimpy in the least. Get some rest and you will get back into your groove in no time. Feel better!
    2761 days ago
    Don't beat yourself up! We all have crappy days. They'll pass. Take care! :)
    2761 days ago
    I'd say the very same as your other readers - just take some time to recover. Maybe your body sent you a signal by falling on those cobblestones. Maybe it's time for you to try other types of exercises - if you go to youtube, you could follow Dashama's yoga workouts. Or Pop Pilates with Cassey Ho.
    I hope you'll feel better soon.
    2761 days ago
    Oh nooooo! Definitely not wimpy! You must give yourself time to heal, your body is aching everywhere and needs to recover! Take care of yourself, Striver! :)
    2761 days ago
    omigosh -- I just commented on your friend feed -- before I knew that you fell. That's not wimpy it's hurt and wounded! Take your time to heal and WALK!! you don't need to add more injury -- Rib injuries take an annoying amount of time to heal. Still Healing and the emoticon it takes is worth it! You may need to find some alternatives. This ain't wimpy stuff. You are just sharing what other athletes go through. It's football season here, so there are many on the injured list along with you.
    Take time to heal! emoticon It's your party - cry if you want to! emoticon
    2761 days ago
    I agree, you just went through a lot of body trauma. I certainly wouldn't worry about building up my endurance until I was completely rested. You are already back out there running and that is amazing to me. I do not run in pain and I don't think it is good advice for anyone. I wake up every morning with little aches and pains, but that is different (I'm getting older)because those work out as the day goes on, but I don't run if I am injured. You will get back in shape in no time, when you are healthy again.
    2761 days ago
    I agree with Shoopette. Sounds like you need a couple more days to finish healing otherwise you could set yourself back even further.
    2761 days ago
    2761 days ago
    I would give myself a break, come on, no pain no gain is so 09 :)
    2761 days ago
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