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Saturday, October 01, 2011

I started sneaking cigarette's when I was 10 years old...thought it was the "cool" thing to do! I quit cold turkey on Sept. 30th, 1986 when I was 22 years old. My husband who had never smoked, told me if I wanted to have a baby, I needed to stop smoking first! So I quit on his birthday, almost a year after we married. That was 25 years ago, yesterday! Yay me!
What I have noticed over the years is how much I hate cigarette smoke. I have a hard time breathing around it, and I can't stand the smell of myself when I get home, and I have to shower. I have very close friends who smoke, and I love them lots. They are gracious enough not to smoke around us that don't, though!
But do you realize that food is an addiction too? At least for me it is! I LOVE food! I LOVE pasta the most!
Yes, I know I need to lose weight, and I have tried several times over the years. So why can I stop smoking but NOT lose weight?!
I finally realized why! Because when I quit smoking I could put the pack of cigarettes down, and not buy or touch another one. BUT when I need to stop eating to lose weight, I still have to eat!!! I can't just cold turkey the food and never buy or eat it again! Seems really unfair to me!
On the bright side, I am not going to give up! I am going to keep going until I reach my goal! I know I can do this!
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    I was just saying that to my very thin friend the other day. She totally gets it and was saying that the voice that tells you to snack and eat never ends. Shes never had a weight problem but has to work hard to stay healthy and a nice weight. She said the pull to eat more or something bad is always there and while it makes me sad that I will always struggle I'm also happy to see that it is managable.
    2419 days ago
  • KARLAR404
    JUSTDOIT...thanks for your encouragement! I started back on SP on Saturday and I have lost 3 lbs. already! Mind you...I have a whole lot more to go though! But just seeing that it is working helps a lot! My daughter is also back on SP and trying to lose just a little bit, like you. So I am doing this for her as much as I am for me!
    Your a great inspiration! Thank you!
    2426 days ago
    I know what you mean about the food--you can't just "quit" food...its like a drug that you don't want to overdose on, but you want to take just the right amount. Tricky for some people! But you can do it!! If you can quit smoking, that's already a huge success you have under your belt.
    2427 days ago
  • KARLAR404
    ONICAM....I so know what you mean. I love the taste of food, and the hardest time for me is at night! I get the munchies so bad! I could go all day without eating, but at night...oh my goodness watch out kitchen here I come!
    I don't have any trouble with sodas, when I do have one it is diet and clear, like sprite or squirt. And that is only once in a while. And I don't really care too much for sweets, I know it sounds weird for someone who weighs 285lbs. but my downfall is pizza, lasagna, pasta of any kind, and anything creamy like alfredo sauce. So I know your pain! I can't even imagine drinking that much soda in a week, let alone a day! Girl, we gotta get you a different drink! lol
    I have been drinking water like crazy the last couple of days, and I actually like it, I feel so much better, not so drained!
    I hope you can get things under control emoticon
    2427 days ago
    I am a compulsive eater, food addict, emotional eater, will eat almost anything that I can since I have tons of allergies, and cannot tell when I am full. Besides food I am also with difficulties when it comes to sodas. I used to drink 60-100 oz of diet Mountain Dew or Pepsi Max a day. I have needed to be weened off of them and it worked for months and now I am starting up with sodas as well, but I am not quite as bad. Anytime that I am at school and tired the first 2 things are sodas and candies.
    2429 days ago
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