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I am not exactly sure how my personal experiences of the past couple of days are related to the book of James and my study of it, but I have no doubt that they are.

I am an LPN in a long-term care facility. I have been doing this since December of 1978. Although I have all these years experience, I still don't know a lot of things, I'm not the best nurse around, and I am far from perfect. I do, however, trust in my own nursing judgment at times when there is no black and white answer.

I have found many times along the way that those in authority, ie. Supervisors, RNs, Administrators, etc. haven't always agreed with or supported the decisions I have made using that judgement. I have also found that many of these times those in authority and/or the facility I was working in at the time would have been much better off in the long run to have backed me.

Nursing judgement, for those of you not in the medical field and who do not know, is sort of like a sixth sense that is based on experience and the facts at hand. The problem those in authority have with "nursing judgment" is that sometimes it entails taking actions that have not been pre-approved although those actions are in the best interest of your patient at that particular moment in time.

Using nursing judgment as opposed to following the rule in place at that moment is always, ALWAYS, for the good of the patient we are taking care of. Sometimes it is in emergency situations, sometimes it is when the authorities aren't there to ask. Of course we are not always right in the judgment we make but I would be willing to guess that probably 99.9 percent of the time we are.

And this brings me back to my personal experiences of the past few days and how they must related to my study of James.

I am a nurse, as I have said, and I work nights when there is not an administrator or RN in the building. Although they can always be reached by phone they are never right there for us to turn to in the heat of the moment or crises, etc.

So without going into details, I will just say that I made the decision on my own at three o'clock in the morning to do something without calling and waking someone up to ask for permission first.

It was one of those rules we have that as myself and some of the other nurses understood it, has an exception to it.

This decision I made was not only for the safety and well-being of my patient but possibly for the protection of my place of employment as well.

I finished my shift that morning thinking I had donne a good job. I went home to bed and in the middle of the day I got a phone call about the situation . I was told that I would have a written employee warning slip waiting on me to sign when I got back to work that evening because I had not called and gotten an approval first.

Now, I have gotten more than one written warning slip over the years that I thought my actions did not warrant , but I always went ahead and signed them just to keep the peace, so to speak, just to keep down confusi0on, and just so my life at work could get back to normal.

Each time after these incidences I would stew and fume, and second guess myself and go through a whole range of negative emotions before I could let it go and get back into my daily routine comfortably. I would usually lose sleep over it, sometimes even cry, and just worry myself to death that I may lose my job.

This time in this situation, things are totally different. I have not been nervous. I have not stressed out over it. I have not felt intimidated and I have not lost any sleep over it.

I have stayed calm and most importantly, I have not lost my peace or my joy. And as much as I need to keep my job, I have just had a kind of que sera, sera attitude about it.

I did not feel I had done wrong so I chose to not sign the warning slip but rather to attach a statement to it. I was respectful and to the point stating the facts as I understood them.

I am aware that there is a meeting being called with all the nurses about the matter and that it is not completely resolved yet but at least I did not get a call in the middle of the day yesterday after leaving my statement.

I don't believe that my job is in jeopardy over this but I will not know for sure until I go back to work Monday. But the main thing is this; my patient that night in that situation was well taken care of and I have no fear of Satan in this. My peace and my joy are still intact. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if one door is closed in my life that God always opens another one. Praise the Lord!

And you are probably still wondering how this has anything to do with my study of the Book of James. I guess it is not just related to this but to some other things as well but my question is this: Isn't it true most if not all of the time that when we begin to turn our affections back to the Lord that we get an attack from the enemy.

When that attack comes we have the choice of falling apart or pushing on, and in doing so trying to live our life in the way James instructs Christians to do.

I will soon be sixty and I have been single for nearly ten years so I have been learning to trust in and lean on the Lord for quite awhile now. But often times I haven't reacted in the right way and I have spouted off at the mouth, and I have gotten really angry and lots of times I have made a total mess of my life.

I have so much further to go in trying to reach maturity in Christ but with this most recent experience, I have seen an unexpected change in me for the good.

Sort of like I wrote in my blog about my newest endeavor to lose weight--there is something different this time.

It is like I have become a different person and I don't even know when or exactly how it happened. And although I know I still have such a long way to go I am pleasantly surprised and totally pleased there has been a change in me, an improvement if only a small one.

You know, we can fool other people and even our own self in life, but we can never fool God. He has promised to complete that work he has begun in us. And as hard and as far as we may try to run from it sometimes, we can never get away from the calling God places on our life and in our heart.

I don't know exactly what God has planned for this next decade of my life but I knew when the decade I spent caring for my mother came to an end that God was still there with me and that he had more plans for me.

I am excited to see what the plans God has for me are and I know that if I continue to strive to live according to those instructions James gives us that all will be well with me.

Amen and amen!
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    As was expected, the patient in question had to receive further care and in fact had to have a couple more ambulance drives. Did I get an apology or a thank-you or was the warning withdrawn...NO WAY, but my heart and my mind are at peace because I made the right nursing judgement and stuck by it. Praise be to God!

    3274 days ago
    Hoping for some feedback from all my blogs.
    Your sister in Christ,
    3282 days ago
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