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A Report on September...

Saturday, October 01, 2011

I'd like to sum up how I did in September.

Sept 1st: 176.6
Oct 1st: 176.0

Miles Ran (or hiked): 86.1

I started the first week of September with a goal to run 3 miles (almost) every day. Every week, I attempted to build up that daily number by a quarter mile. This past week I was running 4 miles a day! I followed the pattern for my weekly long runs; The first week of Sept I ran 6.0 miles, and increased by a quarter mile a week.

Strength Training: 7 times this month (My ST workout is a body weight workout which includes 50 military-style push-ups; 100 squats, 100 lunges; 3 minutes of either planking or prone cobra; and 100 v-sits)
Yoga: 3 times

Long runs: 5; My longest one was 90 minutes, done yesterday (7.25 miles)
Tempo Runs: 4; The most I did was this week - 13 minutes at 6.0 mph
Intervals Runs: 2 (not enough); On the harder day, I ran 6 X 2 minute intervals at 7.0 mph

Overall I think the month went pretty well. I would have liked to have lost some weight for a better number result, BUT, I actually FEEL thinner and I FEEL like I am losing fat and re-gaining my muscle. If I were to guess I'd say I lost about one pound of pure fat this month, and re-gained some muscle. So I feel better than the scale tells me I did. I also feel like I've re-gained some of the cardiovascular fitness that I lost due to the reduction in my workouts after my concussion. I ran more miles this month than in any other month this year - I was dedicated to getting in my runs.

In the second week of September, I had a bad eating week. I didn't track at all ate a LOT! I pulled it together for the last part of the month. And now I've started tracking again and have had a deficit for a number of days in a row: total deficit in the past 5 days was 1380 calories. If only I'd controlled myself better throughout the whole month! But, In general I'm happy, considering the recent changes to my life!

My goals for October are:

1. Run more miles! Increase daily runs and weekly long run by a quarter miles per run.
2. Complete ST twice a week, and avoid ditching it for lame reasons.
3. Do a Yoga DVD once a week.
4. Track my food and use the FOCUS system.

F stands for five hundred calorie meals;
O means One hundred and fifty calorie snacks;
C means cocoon at night and stay away from the kitchen!;
U means try to stay Under my calorie limit;
S means STOP negative thinking!

5. I want to continually analyze and change what is not working. I sometimes let myself slip on the eating if I workout really hard. I have to forgive myself; I can easily fall into all or nothing thinking and forgiveness is important to avoid that. My goal is, if I'm going to eat a big meal, I should not go over 750 calories, no matter how hard I just workout out!

6. I have to focus on fixing my eating the later it gets in the day. It gets harder for me to avoid mistakes and stay focused from about 4 pm onwards. I have to really try hard not to eat at night, no matter what errors I've made during the day. If I avoid eating after supper, I generally will not gain weight.

7. I'd like to plan my menus out in advance and then try to stick to them. It is especially important that I control my snacks and choose healthy ones so as not to not trigger a binge. My goal is choose ONLY pre-planned snacks.

8. I'd like to lose weight this month! I am very pleased with how it felt not weighing in daily. I took my scale out of my bathroom and set it beside my treadmill. I was used to weigh mornings after my pee, sometimes every day. But this was not really helping me - at least not lately; Here is some info about how my weight has fluctuated this year:

Weight Ranges for 2011: low and high weight for the month is listed
Jan: 169.6 - 176.4
Feb: 171 - 174.4
Mar: 169.8 - 176.6
Apr: 170.8 173.6
May: 172 - 173.2
June: I didn't weigh once in June and I think you'll see that turned out to be not so great!
July: 174.4 - 178.2
Aug: 174.8 - 176.6
Sept 1st, my only weigh-in 176.6

Although I'd dearly love to get back to the 160s, I think it is so much easier focusing on fixing my lifestyle and getting fitter than it is to obsess about a stupid number. I FEEL BETTER! And that's important. I'd love to lose the jelly, and I'm thinking to post a picture of myself bursting out of my favourite pants to perhaps track my progress towards fitting back into them (which I should be able to do if I can get back to weighing around 167)

Anyway, happy sparking everyone. I'll try to check back in with another report next month!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I would say you had an excellent month! Keep it up...the scale will move!
    2419 days ago
    So. We weigh the same, but it looks better on you. I'm only 5'3". : )

    I weigh daily and am disappointed every other day. Let's check in on each other once in a while--I can't seem to leave the site even though I'm not really in a losing groove. Too many other things going on and if I were really honest, I need to lose 40 or 50 pounds. I'd settle for 10 or 20 though and would be thinner than I've been in several years!
    2420 days ago
    Good goin'.

    I have found that daily weighing is evil (it does work for some people, and I am not slamming them - it's just not for me). I think it creates certain stresses and expectations. I also think it's not necessarily any more accurate, for we all have daily fluctuations.

    You're doing well. :)
    2421 days ago
    I like your thinking. Truthfully, your weight isn't something to worry about, is it? Being diligent with your fitness and continuing to be a wonderful example to your little guy probably is THE most important thing.

    Reading your blog has reminded me to 'breathe' and to focus on the most important thing. I am so easily led astray by getting tied up in knots over work issues.

    If I kept my mind on fitness and remembering to 'breathe', I'd probably be a much better wife and teacher. Thanks for helping me refocus.

    Now, let's do it! (that's a message to me!) emoticon
    2422 days ago
  • ERIN1022
    Bravo! You really did well, and I think you're so right that the lifestyle is so much more important than the number on the scale. I'm trying to learn that lesson myself. I've gotten better about weighing myself less but still am struggling with making significant lifestyle changes.
    2423 days ago
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