So proud of her....

Friday, September 30, 2011

My daughter... that is. My oldest dear daughter started SparkTeens about a year ago and lost 20 lbs., however, this summer she put back on almost 15 of it. Last time she lost the weight it was greatly encouraged by me. I reminded her to exercise (which included the occasional prying off the couch), taught her how to measure her foods and what foods are smart and healthy choices. About three weeks ago, she had an Ah-ha moment all by herself. She decided to get this done again and do it right. Other than encouraging her with smiles and hugs, she is doing it all herself. She has already lost 6 pounds and can run 2 miles straight (she HATED running before). I know part of the motivation is that we are going on vacation to Florida in a little over a month. Swimsuits (especially for teenage girls) are a scary thought. But I am proud of her wanting this for herself and not because Mom said to do it or she was pressured and teased into doing it by her "loving" siblings (okay, it's mainly the boys, they just don't get it sometimes). As she approaches her goal weight, I plan on taking pictures for you to see the new "Beckah". I can't wait, and I KNOW she will do it!
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