Give Yourself a Break!

Friday, September 30, 2011

So I've come to a few realizations in the last few days.

1) I need to RELAX and not be so hard on myself

2) Failing slightly at a HUGE goal is way better than setting a lame one and accomplishing it

3) Motivation comes and goes. If I'm not feeling it, wait a few hours and it'll be there.

So my last blog was kind of a downer. I was just waxing philosophical at 5:30 am. You know how that goes...For anyone that read it, I used the term "happy" a lot (as in "will I ever be happy with my body?") but what I really meant was SATISFIED. And I think that comes in time. After years of self-consciousness, it won't go away overnight. It might take a year to realize that I HAVE gotten thinner, I look so much better than I did 33 pounds ago. Sometimes it's just hard to see when you see yourself every day.

Some people like to look at pictures to see the difference, but I think it is more effective to put on pants you wore at your starting weight. I did this yesterday. WHAT A TRIP! Them things are huge on me. Then I went to Target and tried on a pair of size 6 pants. They fit. I haven't been in a size 6 since 5th or 6th grade!

So now I'm thinking, "what was I so upset about the other day?" I think the trick is to keep going even when you have those self-doubts because IT WILL GET BETTER, so stick with it! I didn't let my crap mood define or derail me, and boy am I thankful for it today. Nothing like feeling bad about yourself and then adding the guilt of eating a dozen donuts to it. emoticon

Oh, I also wanted to share the beauty of a stir-fry I made the other night... Totally clean and totally delish emoticon Love it!

This afternoon I'm going to a local produce store to pick up some fresh fruits and veggies so look forward to more awesome food pics, and perhaps an entire food blog!
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