No Cell Phone in Cemetery=Trouble

Friday, September 30, 2011

I woke up this morning at 6:50 am. Too late to go swimming and too early for the cemetery.

I'm an insomniac so 6:50 am is the equivalent of waking up at 11:00 am for me. Normally, I'm up at 3:45ish and then I wait for the gym to open at 5:00 am and go there.

I knew I couldn't go swimming this morning because the 8 hour marathon of water aerobics starts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday early in the morning. You can't go swimming in the afternoon either because swim lessons start and last for at least 4 hours.

My boyfriend left to go do some errands before work and I told him that I probably wouldn't be here when he got back because I would be walking in the cemetery (which opens at 8 am).

I walked to his parents house because he needed to stop there and drop our dog off and I thought I could say good-bye to him then. He wasn't there. So, I continued walking to the cemetery and went in and started my work-out. I ran for 10 minutes of my 30 minute work-out today. WooHoo! Go me.

Anyway, as I'm taking a breather by walking I see my boyfriend's car slowly making it's way through the cemetery. My first thought is...."Oh. How sweet. He's coming to say good-bye to me!". (Which is something Garrett would TOTALLY do. Really. He's a super sweet guy.)

I break out into a full on sprint so I can say good-bye to him. I chase him through most of my first cemetery round (I go through the cemetery twice). Finally, he circles back around and he sees me! Hooray! We've made eye contact.

He rolls down his window and I can immediately tell I'm in trouble. I could tell this mainly because the first thing he says is, "Why don't you have your cell phone?".

Oops. I've already been reprimanded for this once. I've been lectured because there (at some point) was a homeless guy that slept in the cemetery. Other than that....I don't really know what could happen to me in a cemetery. I guess I could fall into a freshly dug grave. But they do a great job of covering those up. You can tell there's a hole by the fact that there's a flimsy piece of wood covering it. Luckily, it's an old cemetery. Which means it's aesthetically pleasing. You can't just willy-nilly walk around gravestones because there are trees and curbs and all sorts of beautiful things.

Anyway. Apparently, this morning there were some sketchy looking people riding bikes through the cemetery. I never saw them but I'm really not going to argue with my boyfriend when he's upset about my safety.

I'm a very trusting person. I always assume the best intentions from everyone. Because I assume this I don't really fear people. Walking through the cemetery isn't scary to me because if I happen upon anyone I always assume the best. If I get a bad feeling I always pay attention and get the heck outta dodge. But because I'm not scared of people I don't think I need my cell phone. Especially, when I'm working out. How can I possibly carry my cell phone and work out?

I apologized to my boyfriend for not having my cell phone and suggest I take his and bring it by his work after I'm done. This does nothing to dissuade him from being upset with me. He tells me that he assumed I would start carrying my cell phone after he already told me he didn't like me not having it and that I needed to carry it. What he fails to remember is that if someone doesn't give me a direct order I just assume that they are just talking. It has nothing to do with wanting to buck the system it's just how I interpret things. Garrett knows that if he wants me to do something specific he has to directly tell me to do it. I'm not a person that lies so if I make a promise I always do it.

Since I promised this morning to carry my cell phone next time I work out I have to figure out how to carry it with me. I'm not sure how. I told him that I didn't think I could put it in my bra because I was afraid my boob sweat would mess it up. Although, I do drop this phone at least 9 times a day. It's not a cool phone. It doesn't do anything fun. I have no internet access. I can't play Angry Birds. None of those things. I guess I could put it in my bra but I feel like my chest would look like Boobasaurus or something. One giant uniboob. Not that anyone is there to see this. But still. I'm slightly vain sometimes, too.

I refuse to wear a fanny pack. I don't even know where one could purchase a fanny pack. Even if I did know where to get one I'm not doing it.

Any suggestions on how I could store my phone and work out? Do they make arm bands for cell phones?
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    I hope you can find a clip or band for your cell phone. I worry too about your walking without your cell. Garrett must've been worried about you today to come hunting you down like that! He loves you so much!
    3444 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5128667
    I don't know if a clip-type of device is an option for you - I've seen some around....

    Personally I *need* some kind of belt pack since I like to have ID and "mad money" handy as well as the cell phone, and, well, standard pants pockets simply do not suffice.....
    3444 days ago
  • YESI1211
    I think they do have arm bands for cell phones. Try checking it out at a sporting goods store. Make sure to stay safe and have your phone when on your own, outdoors working out.
    3445 days ago
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