Strange Cat on the way to the Trail

Thursday, September 29, 2011

On our way to the trail we saw two cats in a short fight. I thought the orange cat was going to attack the other cat again. I slid a rock towards them because it appeared the orange cat would not let the other cat leave. My daughter taped it because we had never heard a cat make these strange noises.

I am thinking I saved the other cat. My daughter thought I ruined the video. I thought some of the cat lovers could explain it.

Fall is here have you been out to enjoy the new sights and smells?
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    Victoria-- I think you did the right thing even if it did ruin your daughter's video! I'm like the others who said that people need to spay and neuter their cats! My friend's live in boyfriend refuses to neuter their cat and he is an outside cat. No telling how many litters of kittens he has caused and doesn't take responsibility for it! He says it is against his principles to neuter that cat. I guess he has been emasculated in his life at some point!
    2988 days ago
    Since the were separated by a fence and cat fight noises and mating noises can be similar...I go for the mating ritual...and what beautiful kittens they would have made too...but we need to neuter and spay our cats...too many beautiful ones out there that need homes....
    2988 days ago
  • _LINDA
    My Mom has the misfortune to hear a squalling cat most nights as a tom keeps coming around on the prowl, digging in her garden and leaving deposits :( When two of them get in the neighborhood, the wailing is something else again. I am not a huge fan of cats, but its the irresponsible owners that don't neuter them that are the problem..
    2989 days ago
    Oddly, I have never heard that cat noise before. I guess because any cat amking noise around here at night becomes coyote dinner. Thanks for all of the info.
    2989 days ago
    Yes, those cat fights can get intense and they sounded MAD! I would have done the same thing Victoria!
    Yes, I really believe the temps are coming down now and will stay down for us. We have been out quite a lot here in the past few days and have been loving it! emoticon emoticon
    2989 days ago
    Like you Victoria I would have tried to break up the fight!!!
    2989 days ago
    That's the normal sound of cats fighting - the one doing the wailing sounds exactly like my male cat Oreo [neutered so it has nothing to do with being in heat, although cats in heat will sound like that, too] - my other male cat Midnight will just walk up to poor Oreo and 'get in his face' - no overt aggression other than the fact that Oreo doesn't like having his personal space invaded - Midnight especially likes to harrass poor Oreo when he's using the litter box - that's the most common time Oreo makes that noise, sort of like 'Will you leave me alone? Mommy, get him out of here!!'

    However, many of my other cats have made noises like that - it's just part of the interaction, I guess. If you notice, cats rarely ACTUALLY fight and when they do, it's usually over in a second or two - most of the 'fight' is posturing, puffing, making noise, arching and so forth. Occasionally there are two aggressive cats, usually two un-neutered males who are willing to defend their territory [or a nearby female] very aggressively - then they will go at it.

    Midnight used to 'room' with a very aggressive male cat at my dad's ranch - they would get into it pretty regularly so my dad had to separate the more aggressive cat from everyone else - maybe that's why Midnight is such a 'tough guy' - he doesn't usually attack first but he sure provokes a lot of anguish. I had another of my dad's cats, a sweet orange tabby named Tiger who was super-shy before he came to live with us - one day he and Midnight really got into it - I wasn't home but I could tell what happened by all the black and orange fur around the house - both of them had a couple of minor injuries but after that fight, they became the very best friends in the world.

    You can break up most cat fights just by clapping your hands or calling out 'Hey!' - tossing a rock their way is another good method - anything that will distract them from each other. You did the right thing, although they may never have escalated to an actual fight - either way, from your video, it looks like nothing really happened between those two - even after they ran off, the orange one most likely accomplished his goal of making the black cat go away - otherwise you would have heard blood-curdling screams a few seconds later. As I said, cats usually don't really WANT to fight, they just want to 'win'
    2989 days ago
    That is the sound of a cat in heat and the ritual of the male and female mating. If you ever hear it at night it sounds just like a baby crying and has awoken me many times!
    2989 days ago
    Poor cats . . . hope neither one was injured. Cat fights can get pretty ugly.
    2989 days ago
  • no profile photo TRULYVISIBLE
    The video won't play for me. I had a male cat that was the sweetest cat in the house. Outside he was a terror to other cats. He was very territorial and would even seek out cats to fight with within a certain range from the house. I am glad you slid a rock towards them. They can badly injure each other or even cause death. I would not have liked to see that scene either being an animal lover but nature is nature.

    2989 days ago
    Cat fights are scary to listen to - let alone watch. I've never seen one but I've heard them from inside my house when I was trying to get to sleep. I love the fall, it's my favorite time of year! The brisk air, the fresh crisp smell...lovely!
    2989 days ago
    I enjoyed working in/on the yard/garden today. Everything greened up from the rain we had last week and the dalia's are starting to bloom again. Some of our trees are starting to turn and it's great biking weather.

    Enjoy your walks!!!
    2989 days ago
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