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Why I Chose a Banana over a Donut

Thursday, September 29, 2011

My roommate bought 2 dozen assorted donuts last night. I immediately thought she was being inconsiderate by so blatantly indulging when she knows how hard I’m trying to eat healthy, and most importantly, to not binge. I almost gave in and had one (or six), but saw a bunch of bananas on the cabinet that I had picked so carefully from the store the day before. I went back and forth in my mind saying, “It’s JUST a donut. I can have one, right? I’ve been good ALL week and I’m PMSing. I deserve a donut.” (Keep in mind, last night was only Wednesday….) Then I thought what will all of that sprinkled chocolate-y goodness really do for me?

1.) It would give me a huge sugar rush.
2.) I would later crash from said sugar rush.
3.) It would make me feel physically bad tomorrow (today).

After I thought of what the donut would do… I thought of what that donut would not do for me.

1.) It would not lift me up when I’m down.
2.) It would in fact, make me feel worse physically and emotionally.
3.) It would not give me the life experiences I so desperately want.

So, I chose the banana and was pretty content with that choice.
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