Going 'Naked' For Rock 'N Roll Week

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A couple of days ago in my "Today's Features" box on the main page, I found this article
"The Art Of Eating Naked"

The ideas it contained really worked their way into my brain:

emoticonDo I add things just out of habit?

emoticonWhat is the real taste of the things I am eating and drinking?

emoticonHow many calories could I reclaim and enjoy in a different way?

So I thought for this week (which just happens to be Rock 'N Roll Week in my Biggest Loser Challenge Team) - I would try to go "naked":

emoticonno cream and sugar in my coffee

emoticonno dressing on my salad

emoticonno butter on my bread

emoticonno added salt at the table

emoticonno added condiments to meals

emoticonno sriracha chili sauce (GASP!)

I'm going to give myself a week to truly experience the real flavor of the things I eat and drink - I actually started yesterday with my coffee - without the added bits it is quite a different experience emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    WHOA! That's great! Are you still working the 'Naked' food/drinks? I hope so :D WOOT!!!
    3201 days ago
    Woo hoooooo!! What a challenge! I just recently got from full on frou frou coffee (aka starbucks mochas) to coffee with a bit of milk and sugar. LOL. And life without chili sauce? you are amazing in so many ways.. but learning to enjoy foods simply is a great gift.. and I know even if you go back to adding things you will be better off for this experiment.
    3204 days ago
    Good for you!!

    It took me for ever to drink coffee naked...had to have that cream and sugar! But it has been months now, and I just drink coffee naked all the time, and it's fine! emoticon
    3205 days ago
    Great thought. But like many, my coffee needs just a shot of skim milk at least! Good luck to you!
    3205 days ago
    Well, you sure got my attention with the title of your post! Some good tips - although sometimes it's the little extras that can really make something taste yummy, there are some that add mega-calories and fat, and some that don't. For me, it's about deciding what's worth it and what's not. Have a good "going naked" week!
    3205 days ago
    3205 days ago
    Good luck! I give you total koodos for trying this. I definitely wouldn't be able to stand it for a whole week. I'd end up giving up a lot of food.
    3205 days ago
    Great idea!
    I found that I already do some of these, but then I can do it consciously!
    Daisies forever! :-)
    3205 days ago
    You have some great ideas and I am going to try and do some of them. Not sure if I could do all of them at once. The coffee I have drank black for years so that is a no brainer and the salad I do once in a while. But no condiments will really be a challenge.
    3205 days ago
    emoticon great idea!
    3205 days ago
    I do some of those already, like no butter on bread and no salt, but when I drink coffee it can't be black!!!!! I think it tastes terrible black!!! It is amazing to me how something so terrible can be transformed into something so yummy with creamer and sugar. I have been using the Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss creamer and stopped adding Splenda lately, so I feel like it is not as bad, but there still is sugar!!!
    Good luck!!!!
    3205 days ago
  • BLH507
    Wow, I'm impressed. I've been doing good with my 10 freggies a day challenge for myself...not sure I'm ready for this one. Although I'm good with the salt and the creamer.
    3205 days ago
    Good ideas - I'm willing to try some at this point but not all yet.
    3206 days ago
    Interesting ideas and I gave your plan some thought for my purposes

    Check --always drink my coffee black

    Semi-Check --no fat-free dressings available at mom's retirement home so when I eat there I get the salad naked. Throws them for a loop but shocked to find out that when it comes to dressing, I can really take it or leave it

    Check --no butter on bread is easy with good whole grain bread, not so much on regular white. Hmmmm, what does that tell us about white bread?

    Check --don't even own a salt shaker. Only time I use salt is if I'm baking from scratch

    Ummm, gonna have trouble with no condiments. I eat an inordinate amount of ground turkey patties (easy-peasy from freezer to table when Cooking-For-One) I'll have to follow your example and give it a try without the Heinz 57. And tuna sandwiches are a go-to lunch. Not sure I'm willing to forego the (reduced fat) mayo there.

    Check and Double-Check on the hot sauce. I always steer way clear of any kind of Spicy

    Thanks for the thought provoking blog

    3206 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9543726
    That's a great idea!
    3206 days ago
    Good luck on this! I just saw a cookbook yesterday titled something like "Eating Naked". Interesting. I might be able to do most of it except the dressing on my salad. Yikes!!
    3206 days ago
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