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Leather & Lace

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

OK, so here’s the deal.
I have a weight loss goal.
I mean, of course I do; we all do. That’s why we’re here.
But my latest one is kind of… well, for lack of a better term, it’s silly.
I’ve decided what I want to be for Halloween next year.
…Still kinda lost for THIS year; trying to figure out where I’m going to end up, so I can see if it’s appropriate to wear this:

I’d put a picture in, but that site is blocked from my office computer as being lewd. *grumble* Anyway, it used to be too tight, but now it fits perfectly, so I’d kinda like to use it before it gets too BIG. So if you can think of a costume I can wear that includes this to a mixed-age (possibly including children) party, I’m all ears. Maybe Catwoman, or something… I dunno. Masks are kinda tough, what with the glasses and all. So I’m extremely open for suggestions.

On to next year’s costume.
I wanna be her:

And I’m not picky, I’ll go with either the black tank version or the leather vest version. Though let’s face it, if/when I pull this off the way I want to, the leather vest version one would be pretty cool just because I CAN. Although with my laparoscopic surgery scars, perhaps the tank is the way to go; to the best of my knowledge, Aeryn Sun was never probed by aliens.
So right now, I’m doing research on putting the costume together. Getting the Farscape Peacekeeper Pulse Pistol replica seems to be the trickiest aspect, though apparently the holster is a problem as well; I’d prefer to be a lazy-a$$ and just buy everything readymade, but the pistol seems to only be available as a paintable kit. I’ve never painted a model, before. Could be interesting.
Regardless, doing this right requires being significantly thinner, much, much fitter, and wearing leather pants.

In leather pants.
Not something I ever seriously considered after, oh, I dunno… 1989?

So, it’s ambitious. And silly. And incredibly geeky; this is going to be one of those costumes where I spend the whole night explaining who I’m supposed to be, like when I went as Dave Lister from Red Dwarf. To be fair, that one was a bit tougher; I AM a girl, and Caucasian, so that threw things off a bit. Still, you’d have thought the furry deerstalker with the cigarettes in the band and the fake dreadlocks coming out the back, and the Red Dwarf dogtags, and the bulletholed happy face and red bandanna on my leather jacket sleeve, would’ve done the trick. Guess the partygoers just weren’t that kind of geek. Still, even if no one knows who I’m supposed to be, it should at least be pretty hot. Fit chicks in black leather carrying (fake) pistols just seem to do it for some guys.

So… yeah. That’s my latest weight loss and fitness goal. Make of it what you will. For Yoovie, it’s doing the Grand Canyon; for me, it’s looking like a hot sci-fi babe a year from now. Everyone’s gotta have a goal, silly or not; it’s what keeps you going, right?
Wish me luck!

P.S.: since I can't find the website for these anymore, and I mention them in the comments, thought I'd post the picture here. Consider them as an option coupled with the corset.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    That's a great goal! Whatever keeps you motivated. Something to look forward to!

    2729 days ago
  • JKM822
    Oddly, her boots are entirely unsexy. The closest I could find currently for sale to hers are these:
    In the black, obviously, though the grey are lovely. :-)
    The pirate boots that pull up, I've already got - I just wanted to show 'em off!
    Actually, I'm a fan of PVC (hence the corset, already in my closet), so you may be entirely right on that. And a quick search says... yes! That is indeed the way to go. Slightly trampier, but... hey, if I have the body for it, why the heck not?
    Now all I have to do is get the body for it!!
    2730 days ago
  • JORTAY99
    Try SHOEBUY.COM....tons of sexy boots!! Tons.

    Go with Pleather for the pants too...should save $$.

    Sadly if I own Pleather pants....AND look good in them I will be tempted to wear them everywhere!! LOL. Can you say grocery store??? Hahahaha!.

    Enjoy...Halloween is the time to be anything you want!
    2730 days ago
  • JKM822
    LOL! Fantastic! We'll keep each other posted... and fight each other for the best price on pulse pistols! I did find one holster for sale, but it's real leather and $140. Leather pants have to be purchased, as well, so this is starting to become a pricey goal.

    As for Catwoman... now I have to see what I can find for black, tummy-controlling leggings. I do have these boots, though, which I wear every time I have the chance. They roll up to the upper thigh, btw. :-)
    GAH! The website is gone. They're these fantastic black leather pirate boots with a 1" stacked heel (so I can actually, y'know, walk in them) and lacing in the back that, folded down, are knee height, and pulled up, are top of the thigh. I love them. So much.
    2730 days ago
  • JORTAY99
    LOVE the leather and tank outfit....I think you just SPARKED a new goal for me!!!
    2730 days ago
    I second your catwoman idea! That corset is too sexy to go unworn... even if there are children around!
    2730 days ago
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