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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I really had to blog this, cos it absolutely made my day. So I did Day 7 of the 5K Trick or Treat Trot challenge this evening. Today was 40mins, with 1 min walk, 4 mins run intervals times 8. I really went for it, took a different route, loved every minute of it. Anyway, about 25 minutes into the run, I spot a guy in the distance jogging in my direction. It actually made me feel quite good to think that I was now a part of his 'crew', the crew that go jogging hahaha Silly, I know! So we're jogging towards each other and as we near one another, he gives me the biggest smile, nods his head and gives me 2 thumbs up! I returned the smile and the thumbs up (obviously) and continued running, probably even faster since it absolutely warmed my heart. I know it probably sounds so minor, but it really gave me a boost and it was nice to have that recognition from him that we were both out getting ourselves fit. Really put a smile on my face. From now on, if I pass anyone out jogging, I'm gonna do what he did to me. emoticon

Quick little re-cap of my oh-so-successful day, even if I do say so myself. My mate stayed over last night, and we were chatting and around midnight I was like 'we should sleep now cos I'm considering waking up early to go to the gym before work'. And he goes 'yeah right, like that's gonna happen!'. Errrr, that sounded like a challenge if ever I heard one! He kept me up chatting til nearly 1 am, and as we were falling asleep and I set my alarm for 6am to go gym, he was like 'why are you bothering? We both know you're gonna turn your alarm off in the morning and not go'. (By the way, this isn't him being unsupportive...he is a VERY supportive friend, and even comes swimming with me and he loves that I'm becoming a gym bunny. But he also knows how much I love my bed! emoticon). I was sooooo determined that I was gonna prove him wrong. Cos I'm super competitive like that and I don't like...actually, I HATE...people telling me I can't do something. So 6am I woke up, made sure to wake him up too by turning on the lights and banging around unnecessarily (evil, yep! lol) and left at 6.15am to go gym. GO ME! Did 35 mins cardio but then I had to rush home and get ready for work. But still felt great.

Ate great all day today. Spot on. Lots of protein too which is brill. Gotta do more of the same tomorrow. This week is looking like it's gonna be my best week yet. I'm feeling so strong and determined. 16 days until Dubai...waheyyyy!

Tomorrow I'm going swimming after work. Loving swimming. But I'm impatient...I wanna get good NOW. My swim teacher said I need to be patient. I really am trying to take his advice. Really.

Ok I need to sleep now. It's nearly midnight and I'm nodding off. Night night Sparkies emoticon
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    Lmao! Oh my god I smiled so much at this because I completely know what you mean about the 'running crew' thing haha I have this guy who runs my route sometimes and we both give a little nod of acceptance to eachother, it actually made me laugh out loud when it happened haha. SECRET RUNNER SOCIETY GO!

    I love your determination to get up so early before work and beast it out at the gym, haha I always gets so jealous reading about people who go to the gym. I should probably join one day xD.


    3405 days ago
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