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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

As I look at all the things I have left behind, the good and the bad, those moments define us. I also believe there is something to be said on reaching a point that you let the past die. If you hold on to even good things too long, you never move forward. SparkPeople, my wellness coach Jill, you guys on the Get Fit Harrisburg group, have all played a part to wake me up and move forward.

So here I am on a whole new lifestyle of better eating and wellness. I have lost over 50 lbs, am flirting with the 210 mark, and I feel great physically. I have more energy, I am motivated to exceed, and it has even made life easier. I am working on art again, something I had left by the wayside as a part of being in a new show at HCPAC (Hbg Performing Art Center). But I came to realize its not enough..still not quite enough. And I figured it out. I was holding on to too many yesterdays and living in this foggy haze. So no more.

This is a new chapter and folks, I gotta tell you...physical fitness and eating right is only a single ingredient to a much larger picture. Wholeness, living well, if there is anything my diverse studies have taught me over the years is that you also need healthy emotional and spiritual wholeness. So I have taken those steps as well. Spiritual health usually instills images of a religious faith, and while that's not necessarily what that term always means for everyone, for me it does. I have started seeking God again. Started believing there has to be more beyond this life. And it has brought a clarity and peace of mind.

Finally I have also began steps towards emotional health and well being. I am taking energy from my friends, and family and loved ones that encourage me and keep me wanting more. I have also trimmed the fat, and hard as it is, started distancing myself from unhealthy relationships with people who in some cases I have known for 10 years or more. But when its always drama and crisis mode and end of the world...they are draining. Like a leech. And its not healthy. This even includes the "social life" or dating aspect. I have let go of people who I still kept part of my life in a way even though things were never going to go anywhere and it was unhealthy. Yes it upset people in some cases who I am distancing myself from, and yes its hard in some cases. But the air is clearer and I can breathe better. Emotional wholeness is coming back. I even took a daring leap and joined a certain unnamed dating site just more for the heck of it to see what its all about. I shouldn't sell myself short and say I'm not expecting anything to come from it, but I'm certainly not into it hardcore where I email some new person every night or gawk and lurk at dozens of profiles throughout the week and flirt wink at all the ones I like...I find that..kinda creepy even though I'm being told by my friends that as the guy on a dating site, that's how its supposed to work. It's my job to contact and ping all the women I find intriguing until something happens and one writes back...I don't know..I still find it kinda weird to do that so I'm being conservative on it haha.

The point of all this is I realized it really is a trifecta....mind, body, spirit. You need health in all 3 as they are all linked proportionally together and one area of health can still be nullified by unhealth in another area. So as the lessons taught to us by Dori in "Finding Nemo" says...you gotta "just keep swimming"...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog! You are doing amazing and I will take what you have said and apply it to my own journey of health.
    Would love to see your art, will have tosee if you have any posted. I have a website at www.artentwined.com for my own art.
    Good luck on your journey, looking forward to cheering you on. Conservative is probably good with the dating site, but best of luck!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2393 days ago
  • KSHARP25
    Thank you Toni!

    It is good to get affirmation that this is the way to go. You are correct, it really has to be mind, body and soul. When I was in Anthropology class, if there is one thing I learned, its that every culture that has ever existed that was considered "thriving" or strong, had these elements. They had strong spiritual beliefs be it in ancestors, Gods, whatever...they had minds that explored the world around them, and they lived active and physical lives. The cultures that neglected one of those three, died out within only a couple hundred years in some cases.

    As for the dating site, I dont know, as I said its a whim just to see what all the fuss is about. I still feel kinda like Im leering and stalking so I dont do much with it haha. The biggest focus of my emotional health is internal healing and dumping toxic relationships. Thats way more important to me then logging onto a site everynight or week..or whatever the frequency is supposed to be.
    2396 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/28/2011 8:45:51 AM
    What a great blog post! In so many ways, I can relate to exactly where you are at. I'm growing closer to God, distancing myself from toxic relationships, and nurturing not only my body but my mind and soul as well. A balanced approach to living will help us thrive as we continue on this journey. Congratulations on all your success and thanks for being an inspiration!

    Good luck on the dating site. I've been on one for quite some time and have had a difficult time meeing good, wholesome people. Be selective and if you ever come across my profile, please wink! :)

    2396 days ago
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