September 25th

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I am back on track! I definitely earned my cardio minutes today. After a couple months of talking about rearranging our master bedroom, I finally did it. I spent 4 hours doing some seriously deep cleaning and moving of furniture and boxes. Tony gets the fun part tomorrow - taking stuff to storage. lol

I just finished a pretty good upper body workout. I've gotten so bad at just doing random strength training that it felt great to focus on one area again. And the blisters are finally gone! That means tomorrow I'll be hitting the trail I've planned around our apartment complex. I may or may not be running... Kathy, my neighbor downstairs underneath us, has gotten permission from her cardiologist to start walking. She has to take it easy and start slow, so it may not be a strenuous workout but I'm happy she's ready to take the steps to get herself active.

I'll have the two extra girls tomorrow so my workouts will have to be done early in the day. I'm not sure what else the day will hold other than hopefully finishing up the editing process. I started with 420 photos, edited down to 320 different shots, and will still end up with close to 500 once I finish editing. The couple will get the 320 I narrowed it down to plus those with the specialized edits I've added to them. I've learned a lot about editing through this process.

For now, I'm off to continue watching the new Jeff Dunham special, Controlled Chaos. He's one of my favorite comedians. Tony got me his autobiography for my birthday back in January, which has put me into an entirely new mindset when I watch him on tv. lol Have a great Monday everyone!
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