Birth story of Adelyn Josephine (With pics of course!).

Sunday, September 25, 2011 has been a crazy couple of weeks full of highs and lows. On Monday, September 12th, I went to the hospital for a scheduled induction. My midwife wanted to induce due to the fact that they believed Adelyn was going to be a big baby, as well as the other issues of my blood pressure continuing to creep up and yet another illness I experienced on Friday the 9th.

We arrived at the hospital on Monday and my midwife broke my water within a half hour of my admission. Unfortunately, the water was filled with mecomium. My midwife said that she wasn't too surprised due to the fact that I was so sick on Friday. She didn't seem too concerned, so I tried not to be too worried. The Pitocin was started shortly thereafter, and it took about a half hour until the contractions started. I honestly thought that my labor wasn't going to be very long, because when I arrived at the hospital, I was already 2cm dilated and 90% thinned.

Labor progressed A LOT slower than I expected. The contractions were picking up in intensity and the baby wasn't responding very well to them. Every time I had a rather strong one, her heartrate would drop. Eventually, they put me on oxygen and positioned me on my side. When her heart rate continued to struggle, they decided to put fluids back into my uterus and they hooked me up to an internal monitor. I was getting pretty nervous at this point, and I told my husband around 1pm that I believed that we were on the road to a c-section.

I continued to labor and continued to become discouraged every time the midwife checked me. I was dilating ridiculously slow. By 5pm, I was ready for the epidural, and I was only 4cm. I got the epidural and felt relief almost instantly. I admire anyone who can go through labor on Pitocin without an epidural. Seriously, I don't know how anyone does it! By 8pm, my midwife started to talk about how I wasn't progressing as fast as she'd like. I had been sitting at 4cm for almost 3 hours, and they don't like it to go much further than that. Also around that time, the epidural wasn't working as well on the right side of my body. The anesthesiologist came back in, adjusted it, and gave me something else in my IV. I'm not sure what it was, but it made me sick...and I mean SICK. I started vomiting around 8:30pm, which didn't end until after my delivery 2.5 hours later.

Around 9pm, the midwife contacted the perinatologist on staff. He checked me several times and then decided to do an ultrasound. He looked carefully at the images and determined that my little lady was facing the wrong way and the way she was positioned, her head wasn't resting on my cervix enough to dilate. He called for a c-section at 10pm.

I went into the operating room at 10:30pm and my husband met me in there. Adelyn Josephine entered the world at 11:03pm. Not only was she faced the wrong way, but she was tilting her neck back. My midwife told me that even if I would've dilated, I probably would've pushed for 3 hours and would've ended up with a c-section in the end because of her tilting her head back the way it was.

Adelyn was born at 11:03pm, weighing 6lb 9oz, and was 19.5 inches long. So much for her being a big baby! The perinatologist said that most likely, because she was positioned so oddly, the measurements were off. But I was just overjoyed that she was healthy with everything that had happened leading up to the birth and the labor itself. We chose her name to honor some family members. My father, who passed away in 2004, was named Alden. We felt that Adelyn was the closest name we could find to represent him. Josephine was chosen as a tribute to my husband's father, Joseph, as well as his sister who passed away in February. Her middle name was Jo.

We went home on Thursday and started to adjust to life with a newborn. On Tuesday, my incision started bleeding heavily. I went to the ER that evening, where they basically put a bandaid on the Hoover Dam and sent me home. The next day the incision was bleeding heavily again, so I went to my OB office. The doctor ended up having to open part of the incision (without anesthetic...OUCH) and insert some packing. Since then, I've been set up for an appointment at the wound clinic and I have a home health nurse coming to my home twice daily to pack the wound. Apparently, I now have a 6cm tunnel down into my abdomen. It's definitely going to take a lot longer to heal than I anticipated. I'm hoping to be completely healed before I go back to work in 8 weeks.

It's definitely been a rough road with the incision issues, some issues I've been having with breastfeeding, and just adjusting to having a baby, but I can't even begin to express how unbelievably blessed I feel. I was terrified to become a mother for so many reasons. I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to bond with the little being that was inside of me, but as soon as I saw her, my heart grew 100 times it's size. I look at her in amazement and with complete love. Sometimes I just cry when I look at her because she's so precious. I can't believe how lucky I am.

It's getting close to her feeding time, so I'll just end with some pictures!
Right after she was born

In the hospital

On our way home

My little sweet pea...

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