My first HIT practice

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Since I started working I go to sleep at 9PM hehehehe.... So the SP time has been cut out of my schedule but I am finding some balance so I can keep you updated :)

I go to the GYM three times a week and I love it. I go also two times pr. week running I am doing some HIT practices and tempo runs.

My first HIT Practice was on Wednesday and I put the exercise in my Forerunner but I told the wach to make me do the run x20 not x10!

So I did a 10 minutes warm up
and 20x
20 sek sprints
60 walks
instead of 10x!!!!! hehehe...

I finished with a 15 minute cool down run

I was tired after the run hehehe...

My port was taken out over a week ago and when I went to the GYM today to do some weights I didn't fell any pain so I am recovering from that WHOWHO!!!!

I am starting to fit into my work clothes :) :) :) I tried out one of my jacket 1. september and I didn't fit into it but now ONLY 24 days later it fit's!!!! so everything is going the right way :)

Have a grate week my friends!

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