Cute Diet Poem

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I'm planning my day and logging my food,
I need something healthy that also tastes good;

My protein is low and my carbs are too high,
I need something filling, I think with a sigh;
I make room for error and maybe a treat,
My housemate's eyes roll when I weigh what I eat;

When I eat my weird food my co-workers stare,
and what has more sugar, a banana or pear?

My bread is real special and made with whole grains,
My scale is a monster that exhibits my gains;

I have a great skirt that no longer fits,
And how do I log my cherries with pits?;

Today I'm so full but I have to eat more,
No memory of when my muscles weren't sore;

Some fats are good and some fats are bad,
And, dang! Didn't count all those nuts that I had;

I drink so much water that I wake up to pee,
and in new photographs I don't recognize me;

I'm cold all the time though my energy's high,
Another plateau! I try not to cry;

But through this experience, I can't help but smile,
It is not a diet, its a healthy lifestyle!


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