September 24th - A Long Week (and Photos)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'd love to say that this has been a strong week. It, unfortunately, has been anything but. I won't make any excuses. With the exception of Sunday, the other days I've not been so productive with my workouts has been pure laziness. A lot of it has been me getting consumed in the editing of the wedding photos. Fortunately, I'm almost done and I'm getting the hang of what techniques to use to make the job move more quickly and smoothly.

My food and water intake has still be on top this week. The blisters on my heels are finally almost healed so maybe I can get running again. I've been bummed that it wasn't working out for me this week. Next week is going to be more challenging but I'm determined to finish the month as strong as I started it.

I'm more than halfway through the final edits from the wedding shoot so here are a couple more sneak peeks for ya'll:

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