Help! I'm eating & I cant get stopped!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Anyone who knows me, knows that I dont blog very often. I dont feel like I have anything to say that anyone else will want to listen to. I'm blogging now as a way to keep me from eating. WHAT? WHY? I dont know. I was/am so inspired by the Ft Wayne Rally that I feel like me eating should be under control (the good Lori). The other part of me (bad Lori) has decided that I should eat everything in the house! & eat it all at once!

Yesterday started this insanity. I was ok while my aide was here, but when she left at 200 all he#$ broke loose. I wanted a baked apple made with Splenda & raisins, then an hour after that it was a bag of low fat chips. Then a decent dinner then an hour later another baked apple. Granted, all the food in my house is low fat, low cal but.....when you eat it all its not low cal! My life consists of either eating or sleeping! My sleep schedule is all messed up lately & I sleep in stretches of about an hour or 2 then up for a few hours. As soon as I wake up I want food. Go to the kitchen on the way to the living room. eat a salad, apple, ice cream, chips whatever then stay up for a few hours, sleep again & start over!

My body is in pain all the time, so exercise is not always an fibromyalgia tells me exercise is EVIL! So that is not a really good course of treatment for me. I would welcome any ideas, help, suggestions that anyone has as to stopping the Eating Monster that has invaded my body! emoticon
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    HOW IS YOUR DOG DOING? emoticon
    3053 days ago
    I like your sense of humour Lori:)
    Maybe you could spend time on the computer in sparkpeople reading motivating stories . Something that keeps your hands and mind busy. Reading could be good. emoticon emoticon
    3379 days ago
  • ANGEL27551
    Sounds to me like you may be eating out of boredom maybe? I have found that when I keep my hands busy (I make quilts by hand) I don't eat as much. So maybe this will help?
    3390 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10895053
    I see that so many have responded and that's such a good thing for you and it also shows that there are so many of us in the same boat as you. We've been there! I know that I sure have! To me it's just so easy to grab something that I know is wrong, but I have it so concrete in my head now, to track everything, every little bite. So I have to track that little Hershey Kiss too now! I'm always so shocked how fast the fat and the carbs can add up! Yikes! The old me used to just keep eating the bad thing until I was sick of it! And that was partly because of "No Tracking!" It's so easy then! I try to always have water close by me. That helps alot. A lower sodium beef jerky has been good for me too. The protein helps with the hunger and you get something really tasty and convenient. Little Clementine oranges are so good right now, if you like oranges. So easy to peel and there's two to a serving! Good luck to you! We know you can do it! emoticon
    3434 days ago
  • EILEEN828
    Lori, I've been kind of doing the same thing lately. I tend to think it's a seasonal thing and this time I' m really noticing it. Think hard, what did you do in the past that you feel really helped you lose weight. How much has that changed? Or did you stop doing it? Try it again and see if it helps. For me I've been having sweet cravings lately beyond normal. I'm trying to fix that by eating less of them but not cutting out completely. Just really enjoy that treat and call it good, and be reasonable about the treat, it needs to be realistic and responsible. I'm also trying to up my fluid intake which was starting to get sketchy. I'm going back to drinking lots of different kinds of tea. It's my treat to myself and it's warm and comforting. emoticon
    3446 days ago
    Have you tried mental exercises? Perhaps you could do accounting out of your home. Maybe call around to local vets and ask if they will help your dog at a discount or on long term payments. SOMEONE is liable to help. If not, try the local shelter. They sometimes know vets who help folks in your situation.

    All is not lost. One day, is one day. There is tomorrow and many after. Be kind to yourself. Love your puppy up. This too shall pass.
    3447 days ago
  • DEEO12
    You sound like you need to find new entertainment. Not food. I could throw different ideas out to you on what you could do but it is your journey and you WILL find what it is that you will replace food for. Maybe it will be blogging on SP.

    Those foods will make you feel sluggish and you won't feel like doing much of anything. Fill up on fruits. Make fruit salads. You will get the sweet taste and less calories. Also these foods will energize you too!

    emoticon fitness doesn't have to be running a marathon. You could lift some very small weights daily for a while and see if that can be a start of a good thing?

    emoticon emoticon
    3447 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/4/2011 6:14:06 PM
  • no profile photo CD4344370
    I know what you mean i'm going through the same thing i did great the day before thanksgiving. thanksgiving day i eat like there no tomorrow and the same today if i keep this up i will never lose weight why do we do this to ourselves?
    3456 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8574152
    Lori, give yourself a generous PAT ON THE BACK for keeping those low-cal foods in your home! I'm with ALICERIEGER - that was a tremendous step in your progress! What I found helpful was actually planning my food out (and tracking it) a day ahead of time... and sticking to that plan. I would think of food all...the...time, but I just kept refusing to eat more than I planned...unless it was some sugar-free gum or celery. Start with some very gentle movement, and only a little, tiny bit of it at first. I've had physical therapy numerous times, and they always started me out slow, with few repetitions. Let the fibro be your guide; don't push past its limits, and always underdo at first. Remember, one day at a can do this one day at a time, and see if, after the 4th day, it doesn't get easier... emoticon
    3477 days ago
    I KNOW that I'm having a difficult time right now too, with eating too much and wanting to eat constantly. I think I'm a bear ready for hibernation, with NO lol

    I would say that the apple dessert is a fruit, but then to ME, EVERYTHING is a fruit

    Chocolate is cocoa beans, and those are fruit

    Vanilla ice cream, again, the vanilla beans are a fruit

    Potato chips, yet again, are made from potatoes and they are veggies, a good thing right?

    You get my picture and I get your's too.

    Hang in there, you can again get back in and under control

    You Can Do It

    Have a SPlendid Journey

    3516 days ago
  • PUGRAD1995
    Hang in there! If you are noticing the problem, you can start to fix it. So keep working on it! emoticon
    3516 days ago
    Keep blogging Lori. It looks like you have a lot of friends who want to help.

    Once I restricted wheat and sweets (even no cal sweets), my night time eating stopped.

    3516 days ago
    I know what you're doing. I've been in those shoes- the pain cycle. I also know your puppy is sick and you can't afford to take him to the vet. I would send you the money if I had it,

    My insight is that food is all there is in your life. You haven;t replaced it with anything yet, The WHAT to replace it with becomes the big IT and thus the journey begins to search for what really matters. You must build a life with friends and that is hard when you're disabled, Lori, you have the sweetest personality ever and those who meet you, love you. Have Faith.
    3517 days ago
    Hi Lioness,
    I notice that when I eat sweet things, I get more cravings.
    I don't use splenda or other artificial sweetners cause they also give me
    cravings and equal makes me nervous or messes with my emotions.

    I do use AGAVE which is a natural low glycemic sweetner. I measure a tablespoon for my coffee with 2 tablespoons of half and half. I really enjoy my coffee. It's a treat for me.

    when I want to eat, I like bananas with peanut butter or cheddar cheese and coffee. Okay, I'm a nut, but that satisfies me.
    I also like 4 % fat cottage cheese in the single serving size. I add pineapples in it's own juice if I want something sweet.

    I don't have low cal chips in the house because I WON"T STOP at one.
    I don't have ice cream in the house cause I'm diabetic and I CAN"T STOP at one serving. To me, If I have "One of those Days" It's too dangerous.

    Maybe you should also ask yourself, "Why do you want to eat?"
    What's bugging you?
    I do that also. Am I afraid or angry?

    You have lost a lot and you are doing great. You are human and we all have our days especially "Us females with the hormones."
    Keep it up dear friend. Press on.

    3517 days ago
    Been there, done that! And it does seem like insanity, because it is. There is no sane reason why I do on a binge, and I always feel really bad after (physically, mentally, and emotionally). When I do get stopped (and it is hard) I try not to beat myself up and tell myself that it was a slip, not a fatality and that right now is an opportunity for a new beginning. I try to practise positive self talk to counter out the negative, accusatory talk that I have filed away in my memory banks from years gone by. I am on a journey and I will slip up and fall off the path from time to time. BUT I do not have to stay there, and neither do you. Take this journey to a healthier lifestyle/healthier you one step at a time, one day at a time. Persistence will see you through to your goals. Hang in there and do not let one binge defeat all that you have accomplished.
    3518 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7866181
    Great job to get on here and blog about it Lori. You are taking a lot of positive steps by blogging and having better foods in the house. Sometimes I will stop myself and ask myself do I really want this? How am I going to feel after I eat it? I also try to distract myself. You'll make it Lori! Don't give up and keep adding to your positive choices!
    emoticon emoticon
    3518 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3604344
    I personally know that "out-of-control eating" bug. The one thing that I found that helped me was prayer...I struggled for years. My mind told me don't eat and my body said, keep eating. The battles that went on year after year. The guilt and closet eating just would not go away. I finally turned to pray out of being desperate. I hope you will find your way.
    3518 days ago
    emoticon just take a day at a time and little baby steps.
    3518 days ago
    You have made a big step just by my sure all your food is low cal. What helped me was that I wouldn't let myself eat anything unless I walked through the house first (an extra hundred steps). Some times by the time I got back to the kitchen I only wanted a glass of water. At worst I burned a few more calories. There is something that works for you, it just takes time to find it. Don't give up. You WILL make it.
    3518 days ago
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