Oh...So, is that how it's gonna be, Universe?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Alright. Apparently, the entire universe is against me.

This week has had the worst weather that we've had in a while. It has been wet and depressing out. I have gone swimming twice this week and worked out in my house once. Yes. It is Friday and that is all I've done.

My boyfriend had to have something done that required he go under anesthesia so he was off two days this week...on the same two days I had off! It was AWESOME! Although, I didn't get to work out but once. It was just so amazing to have the same two days off. That never happens! We work different shifts. He works in the morning and I work in the evening so we really don't have that much quality time together. We watched movies and t.v. all day. We brought an extra mattress we have into the den (where we get all of the awesome t.v. channels) and made a cozy little place to watch t.v.

The week started off fine. I went to swim (and I bumped my work-out time up five minutes!). I decided to sit in the hot tub to relax my muscles after my swim. As I was sitting there I saw something moving along the wall. I looked up in time to see a GIANT mouse climbing up the wall from a trash can in the corner. Needless to say, I was a little nervous. I got out of the hot tub after that because I'm not a fan of rodents. I went upstairs to get a water. As I said earlier, the Universe is against me. Not God. Just the Universe. The only machine that dispenses water was out of order. I go to the other machine and click on the Coke Zero button. What pops out? ONLY MY FAVORIT-EST DRINK OF ALL TIME. Cherry Lemon SunDrop. I go downstairs to see if they can open the machine to give me something else. Of course they can't. They aren't in charge of the machines. So, I take it out to my car and stare at it. There it is. Just sitting there looking all delicious and what-not. My resistance fails me. I open it and take a sip of it. It tasted exactly like I knew it would. Sinful. So, I put it down and didn't drink out of it again. Luckily, my little sister is coming over soon. No one can resist the taste of Cherry Lemon SunDrop. And just as I knew she would....she took it with her. Well, at least that was over.

So. Because of my boyfriend's procedure he couldn't eat for 36 hours before he had it. My boyfriend LOVES food. He's like one of those people that hosts a Travel Channel food show. He makes your mouth water just by simply describing food. For Garrett, food is just more than eating. It's an experience. I thought Garrett was going to die having to go 36 hours without anything but Jello/water. After his procedure was done he was lying there on the bed incoherently talking about food. He said, "I'm going to eat all of everything, everywhere. I'm going to eat Bojangles, KFC, Taco Bell, Wendy's..." He had been talking about having Taco Bell after his procedure for days. I'm pretty sure all of the employees in Taco Bell thought he was drunk. He had just woken up from his procedure and for some reason he was adamant about going into Taco Bell to eat. Not getting it to-go. I had already eaten a PB sandwich for lunch but it was time for a snack. So, I had half of a chicken quesadilla. Little did I know...Garrett wanted to have Chili's for dinner. I knew I didn't have enough calories left to have exactly what I wanted from Chili's but I thought I could find something.

I get onto Chili's website and find the Guiltless Grilled Chicken Sandwich. 600 and something calories. Perfect. That's even with the broccoli. So that's what I ordered. Garrett and I go to pick up our food at Chili's. We get back into the car and Garrett looks at our food to make sure it's right. Of course it's not. Garrett's food is fine. Mine, on the other hand, has a ginormous amount of french fries. I'm pretty sure it's twice the amount of french fries they usually give you at Chili's. Garrett is still groggy from his procedure and wants to get back home to lay down. I don't even bother going back in to tell them they messed up my food.

Oh. Did I forget to mention at Taco Bell all of the hook-ups for the drinks were wrong? I pushed on the button to give me Diet Mountain Dew and it gave me regular Mountain Dew. All of the other machines were wrong. I gave up. I just drank that stupid Mountain Dew.

Anyway. I decided to eat half of the Chili's French Fries. Little did I know. They only have a BAJILLION calories in them. I pretty much ruined my calorie intake yesterday. I tried to do things right and it just didn't happen.

Today is my Walking In the Cemetery Day. Which is Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I'm pretty sure it's monsoon season out there right now. I will be working out inside today. I told my boyfriend that before he left for work. We then had to have a discussion about where exactly I can work out in the apartment. We live upstairs in a house that has another tenant downstairs. It's the opposite of how normal duplexes are. So...yeah. The entire house creaks because it was built in the 20's. It doesn't matter what you are doing in this house up here....it will ALWAYS sound like you're having sex. I'm pretty sure the elderly lady that lives downstairs thinks that we're just a bunch of fornicators living up here. When I do crunches on the floor it doesn't sound too decent.

This weekend is my birthday. My mom and dad are having a little dinner for me at my grandparents house on Saturday. Which means all of my favorite foods. I'm almost positive there will be creamed potatoes. Those are my favorite. Also, I know my family will be making me a red velvet cake. I know this because I asked them to. I didn't realize that my entire week would be shot when I asked for them to do this for me.

My boyfriend is taking me out on Sunday...my actual birthday. We will be going to an awesome restaurant and then an even more awesome bakery for my birthday desert.

My weigh in day is Monday. Enough said.

Also, the scale hasn't moved. At. All. It doesn't like me and the feeling is totally mutual.

Anyway, I hope everyone else has had a fantastic week and will have an even more fantastic weekend :)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh woah! I can't imagine what kind of torment you're feeling! Please please don't give up! I'm having the third week with no weight loss, and I'll need your encouragement to keep going! I'm glad you he'd those two days with Garrett! Your blogging is so pure and honest...being open like that gives you a greater chance of succeeding! emoticon
    3453 days ago
    Hang in there,(I know you will) I enjoyed reading this blog. I have'nt had one of those weeks yet since i just started but I know things like this can and will happen. I will hang in there also.
    Oh yeah I also liked your daisy duke blog. Made me laugh.
    3453 days ago
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