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Involuntary Exercise

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My sons go to a homeschool co-op every Thursday. It's held at a big church not too far from my house. When I say "big," I mean hugenormous. The parking lot is so big they run a shuttle on Sundays. It has two coffee shops. Not only does it have an elevator, it has two *escalators.* For real. Gi-gantic.

My oldest son has a class, then we have lunch, then both my boys have a class and I am held to my co-oply duties (washing the tables in the lunch room).

The first day of school (OK, not the *first* day, because I totally forgot school started and missed the first day, but we won't go into that here...) emoticon ...so the first day they went to school, the boys were so excited to be there that we mostly familiarized ourselves with the foyer, the bathrooms, and the school rooms we'd need to get to. Today, after dropping the eldest monkey off at class, my youngest decided it was time to get the lay of the land.

We discovered the escalators, all of the staircases, three more bathrooms, the sanctuary (yes, the church is so big, it's difficult to find the sanctuary!), and that the grass outside is very well manicured.

After about the third staircase, I began to realize that I was panting like crazy.

***Let me pause here. You may have noticed that the little tracker on my SparkPage hasn't been moving lately. If I were being honest with you it would have been moving back up the scale for the past few months. But these past 2 weeks, I have buckled down and am within 1.5 pounds of the stated number, so I feel OK to confess that little tidbit.***

So anyway, I'm panting on the stairs like someone who's just run a marathon and thinking how terribly out of shape I am. And then I think, "How much worse would this have been 28 pounds ago? Or even two weeks ago..."

Wow. I astonished myself, even.

I am so glad I had that little boy to drag me around exploring today. Not only did I get a better lay of the land (and the bathroom situation), but I realized that this plateau, even though it's annoying, could be so much worse! I could be stuck at 230!

And then I went and wiped all 60 tables in the lunchroom.

Wow. I've got muscles in my back! I know now because they're all sore and stuff...

Better health through involuntary exercise... My new motto. =)
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