104 reasons to lose 104 pounds

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I have been seeing several of these posts lately, so I decided to compile my own reasons why I am on this journey to lose 104 lbs.

My 104 reasons why I am going to lose 104 lbs (and keep it off):
1. Because I am worth it.
2. Because I deserve to have more energy.
3. To feel more attractive
4. To prove to myself that I can achieve goals I set.
5. To use this accomplishment as momentum for reaching other goals I have
6. To increase my self-esteem that has been damaged through years of self-neglect.
7. To have more energy to play with my baby boy
8. To be a good example for my son
9. To keep up with my husband
10. To have more energy/less pain if I am to become pregnant again
11. To never be confused with being pregnant AGAIN when I am not!
12. To feel comfortable changing at the gym and not wanting to hide
14. To not be so red-faced while working out at the gym
15. So I like what I see in the mirror
16. To not feel self conscious eating anything in front of people other than a salad!!
17. So I like getting my picture taken again!
18. So I don’t feel the need to do the Fat Girl Angle Shot again!
19. So I don’t feel like I have to hide behind someone when getting my picture taken
20. So I don’t have to keep untagging photos that friends post of me on Facebook that I feel are unflattering (most of them!!)
21. So I am not shocked when I see pics of myself thinking “how did I let myself go like that?”
22. So I can weigh less than my husband. Much less.
23. So people can pick me up off the ground (hugs etc.) and I don’t have to feel self-conscious
24. So my husband can pick me up easily for other indoor activities ;)
25. So I can feel comfortable wearing a super sexy costume for Halloween 2012.
26. So I can wear sexy outfits when going out dancing
27. So I can shock the heck out of people I haven’t seen in a while.
28. So I can shock the heck out of/inspire strangers who think I must have always been thin
29. So I can say I LOST 104 FLIPPING POUNDS!!
30. To feel proud of myself
31. For my husband to feel proud of his smoking hot wife ;)
32. So I can be an inspiration to others
33. So I can be an inspiration to myself
34. So I can eat more (at the maintenance level).
35. So I can wear a bikini for the first time EVER!
36. So I don’t feel self conscious at the beach on holidays
37. Because muscle definition is sexy, and you can’t see it under fat.
38. For the sheer joy of weighing what I did in high school.
39. To be able to shop in regular stores again!
40. To not have people inspect my cart while grocery shopping
41. To not worry about going into Dairy Queen once in a while!
42. So I am not discriminated against based on weight
43. I don’t want to be the fattest one in the room
44. I don’t want to feel self conscious grabbing a bite to eat at a cocktail party
45. I want to have my body as a temple.
46. I want to live more actively, which is harder to do when obese
47. To give ‘em something to talk about.
48. To love being nekkid!!
49. To not have to keep pulling down my flipping shirt while exercising in fear of *gasp* people seeing my belly
50. To finally let go of all that emotional baggage that precipitated the weight gain in the first place.
51. To finally put myself first.
53. To not have to wear bike shorts underneath skirts
54. To not have to worry about wearing spanx or other control garments
55. To give a big figurative F U to those former dates who rejected me because I wasnt thin enough for them.
56. I want to be a MILF.
57. To not have weight related aches and pains anymore
58. To be able to run easier (heck do many things easier)
59. To not be out of breath when hiking or climbing stairs
60. To have an easier time in heels
61. To shop for clothes I actually like, not what fits and hides fat
62. I want to wear colours and patterns, not just black!
63. I want to be able to wear shorts.
64. My heart will thank me
65. My lungs will thank me
66. I want heads to turn at the gym
67. I just want to turn heads period.
68. To not having to worry about the dreaded weigh in at the Dr. office
69. Because I have collarbones and I want to see them!
70. Because I am tired of having just “a pretty face” as they say
71. I want to wear a half-top.
72. I want to feel sexy, not frumpy.
73. To never worry about the asking my weight for rockclimbing etc
74. To stop putting a pillow in front of my belly to hide it when sitting down!
75. To be able to do more yoga moves because the fat isn’t in the way
76. To be able to get into other interesting positions in the bedroom ;)
77. To not feel self conscious taking the elevator
78. To not feel self conscious eating popcorn at the movies if I feel like it
79. To prove I don’t need to belong to any proprietary group to lose weight.
80. To feel fine sharing how much I weigh
81. To have “after” photos and display them proudly
82. To feel good wearing a thong
83. To love my side profile for the first time ever.
84. To feel more womanly
85. To be able to wear knee high boots and have them zip up.
86. To not feel held back from doing things because of my weight.
87. To wear clingy clothing!
88. To feel unstoppable
89. To not wish I had her figure….I HAVE her figure!
90. To have a normal BMI
91. To not cringe at the facebook friend request of an old high school buddy, due to my weight gain since then
92. To be the best person I can be!
93. To not always be on the lookout for friends taking pics because they need to get my “best” angle
94. To not be the odd one out in pics with all my frikkin skinny friends!!
95. To feel strong
96. To feel more in control of my life
97. To feel comfortable in my own skin
98. To realize my full potential
99. To look younger
100. To feel younger
101. To be done with fat rolls
102. To wear strapless dresses/tops without worrying about “spillage”
103. To feel more comfortable being the centre of attention

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    What a cool idea! Great blog !
    Keep kickin butt !!! emoticon
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2429 days ago
    AWESOME! I have to wait a while to do my reasons, otherwise my blog would take about an hour to read (too many pounds!!!)

    Great list...Wishing you much success on reaching those goals!! emoticon
    2432 days ago
    I can't wait to do this when I reach a milestone! Awesome job so far
    2432 days ago
    Great post, great reasons! I've been working on one myself after seeing several others, and mine is 104 as well!
    2437 days ago
    all awesome reasons! I know you'll check every single one OFF the list and feel proud doing so! Keep up the great work.
    2437 days ago
  • CRYSTAL8488
    These are a lot of great reasons! You can do this!! Best wishes for you on your journey. emoticon

    2437 days ago
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