September 22 - More Photos

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It has not been a good day! :( I managed to not get anything productive done other than lots of veggies today. It's been one thing after another. The only postitive thing is that all of the preliminary editing is complete, I've whittled 420 photos doen to 322, and I've finally started to figure out Photoshop. lol

Tony's younger brother, the one who was so disrespectful to us in our own home, decided last night that he's going to get to Colorado one way or the other. I say "good riddance" but it's not that easy. You see, he has no job, therefore has no money. Tony's parents don't have any extra money to give him. He basically packed a couple of bags and hopped on his bike. He left around 10:30 this morning and made it 15 miles away from where we are. That means in about 11 hours (he called us when he was 15 miles away), he only managed to go about 40 miles. When you do the math, he's pretty much biking at the same speed I walk on a normal basis. And yet somehow, when he calls wanting to come here in the middle of the night - based on his speed it will be around 2am when he makes it here - to get a shower and a few hours of sleep. Now keep in mind that I was up super late with Keiran and Tony has been up since 3am. Tony's parents think we should go pick him up - it's not happening. It has nothing to do with me being a B**** or Tony trying to be an A**hole, but we have limited gas until he gets paid on Wednesday and aren't wasting it because his brother is a damn fool!

We called to let his parents know we'd heard from him, just as I told his mom we would do when I talked to her around 2:00 this afternoon. Instead of getting a "thanks for letting us know", we got lectured about what we should do to help him out for the night. I'VE HAD IT!!! Somehow, my in-laws seem to have forgotten that Tony's brother made the choice to go cross-country on a bicycle with no money and hardly any food, and yet we have to stay up all damn night waiting on him to get here. After venting to each other - we're on the same page when it comes to this situation - we agreed that we will stay up together, allow him to shower, then when Daisha leaves for school at 7am he's gone. And that's all we're doing now or anytime in the near future. Thomas made his bed and it's time for him to lay in it.

I'm glad Tony is off work tomorrow. I want to make up some of the workout minutes I lost out on today because of all the crap going on here. I had hoped to get in my running this week but that won't be happening. I still have blisters on my heels from the shoes I wore to the wedding on Saturday and there aren't enough band-aids in the world to cushion them in my tennis shoes. lol That means I'll be sticking with my dvds and Wii stuff for a few more days.

Okay, so since I've finally started figuring out Photoshop, I have a few more photos ya'll can have a sneak peek at:

This was taken after we did the family shots and were walking to a different area around the lagoon at the hotel.

The Bride's father surprised the couple (and the wedding party) with a stretch limo to take them from the church to the reception site.

I have to admit that when I heard the reception was going to be at the home of a family friend who lives on the river, the only vision I could see in my head was "Redneck Reception". Boy was I wrong!! I had never been to Leah and JC's home but I fell in love.

That's all you get tonight! :)
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    Beautiful pics! The top one is so special and I am sure they will love it!
    2942 days ago
    Beautiful pictures and I'm just now getting caught up to speed with the brother-in-law story and let me just say... GOOD GRIEF!! Wow. And YOU got the lecture?? WTH? I'm speechless and you're a better woman than me!
    2948 days ago
  • no profile photo LADYGREENEYES
    Beautiful pics! Love that funky tree in b/w, too.

    Thomas needs to get a clue and his parents need to pull their out of their wazoos and realise that Thomas is not your responsibility.
    2949 days ago
    That is so my idiotic brother...too funny...but not really funny at all...likes to disrupt and tick people off with not another care in the world except for himself....but yet he's mommy's little angel and I'm the bad one because I won't bow down and cater to him....

    Boy do I feel for you... emoticon
    2949 days ago
    Sounds like you were talking about my in-laws! I feel your pain. Your pictures are gourgeous! One of these days when we are done remodeling, I am going to work on editing some of my family pictures. Hope your day gets better!
    2949 days ago
  • JESSICA2140
    OMG...that sounds like something one of my idiot relatives would do! I think you're being FAR kinder about the situation than I would. :) Good for you AND Tony for sticking to your guns!!
    2949 days ago
    Hope your day get better!
    2949 days ago
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