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What happened to the straight & narrow?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Massacred. Smothered. Overwhelmed. Shattered. Defeated.

After 4 months of persistence, I will be able to walk the Texas Marathon on New Years Day. Actually, it will be the half marathon. Now I'm not sure that is the thing I need to do. No, I'm not just being a woman here. I am tired of trying to analyze it all.

I've learned this month that with no training, my knees do not swell and there is no pain. That also means no pain pills. Why haven't I been training? Doctor says I almost have pneumonia. Some medication and lots of bed rest.

When I'm not exercising, I'm eating. I worked real hard to lose these 40# earlier this year and I'm considering wiring my jaw shut to keep from gaining them back. But, doc says to eat hearty until I am well. All the more reason to pre-track my nutrition planner and stay in control. But, I'm not in control.

Control. What does that mean for me anyway? If I continue with my training and complete the half-marathon, I know there will be pain and swelling. It would be nothing new and I would continue to deal with it and work through it. This is my last opportunity to walk the Texas Marathon in my neighborhood - a dream of mine for the past 3 years. Does the medication from the knee injections get 'used up' by my high activity levels?

Speaking of activity, what do I do now? I got TurboFire for Christmas and I only used a month before putting it on hold. I am 40# lighter now; will that make TurboFire a doable option for my knees? I am not quite ready to tackle P90X again yet, but I am doing a little online browsing at exercise dvds that can strengthen my body, raise my heart rate, and be kind to my knees.

It seems that everytime I find my stride and am pleased with my progress, I get blindsided. It is enough to make me want to quit trying at all.

Tomorrow will be a better day.
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    So sorry about your injury. I can feel for you. You would think that taking care of our bodies by exercising shouldn't have negative side affects. I'm struggling with my knee issues, too. I found that I have to slow it down to a fast walk and then I don't have knee pain. I may end up walking my race on 10/22, but that's OK. I'm not going to risk facing surgery trying to win some bling!

    Someone posted this on their blog recently (wish I could remember who). I posted it on my computer screen as a daily reminder --

    I'm not training for a 5K (insert your race length)
    I'm not preparing for a competition
    I'm not trying to set a new record
    I'm not trying to impress you

    Hang in there. This, too, shall pass. Hoping you are feeling better soon.
    2406 days ago
    40 pounds is a huge accomplishment!! You are making terrific progress :) Use that as a motivator to keep working to get to your goals.

    I totally get the being sick thing.... I am right there with you :( Antibiotics, shots, tons of prescriptions are no fun on top of already feeling like something the dog drug in.

    Hang in there! I know that you can do it :)
    2407 days ago
    wow you have a lot going on, as I was reading I was thinking what should you do, But are wondering what are you going to do. I say do what is best for you without you having to look back saying you shouldn't have done this or that. You've work hard to get where you are now,so here's to finding that exercise that will be kind to your knees(smile).
    2407 days ago
    Life does stink sometimes. but it can be better than the alternate...for some!
    we just had a lesson tonight on Acts 27. Your Condition is not Your Conclusion. yes, you have sore knees, but that is not what defines your life!

    check out Paul's trip to Rome and all the obstacles he had along the way. he still made it and so can YOU! it's just a few more months and you will have the half under your belt. don't over train. you know you can put the miles in, so just do a gentler version of your training. when you are done with the half then, get back to the gentle exercise that your body requires.

    keep you aspirin and some ice packs handy and make your dreams a reality!

    hope you get rid of that "almost" pneumonia soon! I'll be praying for you!

    2408 days ago
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