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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So I have taken a 2 week hiatis from working out...I have not forgotten my nutritional goals though...Ive been a little more lax then I should be. I went to the gym Monday and stood on the scale at the end of the day and I cant tell you how thankful I am that I did not gain any weight..So what did I do..I jumped on the eliptical and busted ass for 35 minutes...there it was...the rush that I craved..the sweat that I missed and the feeling of complete success at the very end. Yesterday..I did NOT go to the gym HOWEVER...we had our Wellness Employee event and I manned the Hoola Hooping station and I hooped about 2 I feel like I was kicked in the stomache...drug through the dirt and beat with baseball bats...they were weighted hoops...I will be keeping one of those for myself...Today..I am prepared to work out after work...I have my clothes..they are with me ...NO EXCUSES.

So why have I been away??? So much going on in my personal life that I had to focus on and get taken care of. Also, I have made the mistake of letting too many people know about my plan to lose weight...Too Many People??? I know right!? That sounds like a crazy statement but when people who you are associated with but do not care for you as a friend or a family member know you are trying to lose weight and they see you daily and you leave and they give you Sh*t about not going to the gym EVERY tend to want to rebel just to prove to yourself that you dont have to feel guilty about what you are doing or about what they are saying. Monday I left out the front door just to prove to her that what she says doesnt effect me...then I drove around to the gym and went in..when she made a comment yesterday about "Ughh you are falling off the wagon girl." It irritated the crap out of me at first but I was proud to tell her. "No mam..I just drove to the other side of campus and went to the gym and I hoola Hooped for two hours ever hoola hooped?" SO HA! PUT THAT IN YA BACK POCKET..YOU DONT KNOW ME..YOU DONT KNOW WHaT IM ABOUT!...ok Erica calm down

So anyway..yeah..that is what has been up with me...OOOO I dyed my hair red..I felt I needed a fits my fiesty personality ...yeah I pretty much love it.
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  • JOKR23
    I've never tried the weighted hula hoops - LOL I don't think I'd be able to walk the next day after doing that much!! I'll have to give those a try :)

    That's exactly the reason why I don't tell people (other than my Hubby) my goals! Unfortunately even the people who do care and are supportive still make those comments at times, so I find it best to not really tell anyone, and then be 'pleasantly surprised' when they say you look like you've lost weight ;)

    ps - the hair? I dyed mine red 2 weeks ago! Lol just needed that 'pick me up' feeling that comes with a change :)
    3076 days ago
    LOL, we are sisters through and through :)

    I tell only certain people my goals, because when push comes to shove and I'm struggling they are the ones who will help me work through it, not give me guilt trips or throw things in my face. People are so judgmental it's ridiculous.

    As for the red hair, ROCK ON :) Mine is too and I keep forgetting, Texas Girl here too :) lol, like I said, sisters through and through.

    Have an awesome day and hit that gym up :) BTW Awesome on the hoola hooping :)
    3076 days ago
    Glad to see your doing well, I'm sorry other people were giving you a hard time I understand that outside pressure as well it can be tough to deal with sometimes, just remember you have no one to prove anything to but yourself. Your still part of the team if you need us we're here :) o and ps love the hair color you can never go wrong with red, been dying mine different shades of red since I was 13 lol
    3076 days ago
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