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Today is a very special day

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Today is a very special day." That thought just popped into my head a minute ago, and I thought I'd write a blog. What is the significance of today? Absolutely nothing, in the scheme of things. I've been feeling really focused and motivated since I hit my "reset button" last week and I suddenly just realized that every day - every single day since the reset - I've felt like it's a special day.

I have re-designed my Spark Page on a regular basis through the course of my Spark journey since January - updated pictures, changed statuses, revised goals, and other housekeeping tasks. But the one thing that has been constant is the "theme" for my page: JUST FOR TODAY. That theme has been critical for me, because I'm a person who has always easily fallen into the trap of instant gratification. I lack patience waiting for change and reward. It has helped contribute to my chain of failed "diets" over the years because I JUST COULDN'T STAND TO WAIT SO LONG FOR "IT" TO HAPPEN!! I decided that by focusing "just for today" I could get reinforcement to stay the course during the slow process of adopting better nutrition and fitness habits and integrating them into my life.

People toss around the phrase, "well, it took a long time to gain the weight, so naturally it will take a long time to come off." Well, NO, it actually doesn't take a long time to gain weight if you put your mind to it, LOL! You can put on fifteen pounds in a couple weeks! Taking it off does take time though, and nothing can rush that - and so I decided to try to ignore the fact that my entire year would be spent in the weight loss portion of my transformation, before I could even consider the bigger challenges that come with maintenance.

Time has equaled success so far. Therefore days are meant to be ticked off, for they bring me closer to my goal. HELLO? This is not living in the moment. This is not JUST FOR TODAY. Early last week when I was feeling unease, and wrote a blog about feeling adrift, I was worried about being content with the way things were, and losing motivation with going forward. Looking back a week later, I realize that I was possibly experiencing a good change...but one that I was initially unable to recognize. What if I was learning to appreciate TODAY?

Having a special day doesn't detract from the potential of my future todays. It doesn't mean that I want every day in the future to resemble this moment. I can grow, evolve, and experience singular unique experiences today and it doesn't detract from where I'll be in three months, three years, three decades...or three minutes.

Today is a very special day. I feel it.

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